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2020-2021 Minutes


DRAFT pending approval

Utica High School Athletic Booster Club – October 5, 2020

In Attendance

Meeting was called to order at 7:03pm virtually on ZOOM with Board Members & Athletic Director: Karyn Holmes in attendance. Name of attendees: Lisa Hallam, Jen Filauro, Catherine Berg, Ang Micinski, Sandy Edwards, Christy Pittel, Sandi Vitale, Stephanie Mahar, Angela Wilson, Greg Rusk, Mark Kessen, Sandy Azar 

Approval of Minutes and Treasurer’s Report

The September Minutes were reviewed, and a motion was made by Greg Rusk and seconded by Sandi Vitale, voted and approved.  The September Treasurer’s Report was reviewed, and a motion was made by Lisa Hallam and seconded by Angela Wilson, voted and approved.  Jenny Zbytowski shared her screen with the coaches wish list. Tara asked the group to take a look at the coaches wish lists that was submitted by Karyn Holmes. Katie Lelito questioned the request from the hockey coach – are we splitting the cost with Ford?  Karyn is waiting to hear from the AD at Ford. All other coaches were granted their wish list except the hockey coach. Karyn will inform us at the next meeting. 

Athletic Director’s Report – Mrs. Karyn Holmes

Karyn highlighted each team: All fall sports are currently competing!

           Soccer is currently playing as we speak again LCN tied 1-1. Districts are Oct. 14 @ Waterford Mott

           Tennis is doing well in a building year.  Coach Michols has done a great job recruiting

           Golf is 10-2 in league play.  There are 9 girls competing this season

           Cross Country (boys & girls) are going strong. Carson Nicoletti broke the school record-CONGRATULATIONS

           Swim beat Port Huron by one point.  You don’t see that very often at a meet. Way to go girls!

           Volleyball is doing well.  They just beat GPS in five games. Kudo to the team on wearing masks while playing indoors.

           Varsity Football is 2-0; first home football game with senior night went well.

           JV/Freshman Football doing well

           Shelby Cable will be up and going and they will live stream our football game on Oct. 23

           No new information on winter sports

New Business

           Tara received a “Thank you” card from Carley Hitchcock thanking the boosters for the scholarship.

           Lisa Hallam questioned the HUDL cost for each team.  Is it cheaper to get a school account for all the coaches? Karyn Holmes stated it is not cheaper because the coaches have said they do not use all the tools offered in that package.

Old Business 

           $10,000 raffle & Euchre fundraiser are on hold

           Reminder to all coaches regarding any raffle that you want to do as a fundraiser, you need to contact Tara to pull a license for the raffle

Athletic happenings/booster web page updates

           Diann O’Connor was not in attendance – Tara gave an update that the website is up to date.

           Greg Rusk inquired about Freshman pictures (volleyball) being posted on the Boosters Facebook page. Tara responded “Absolutely – needs to be pictures of the entire team”

 Open to the Floor

           Tara Powrozek gave a shout out to the cheer “Senior” boxes that were used on Friday night at the home game “They were very cool!”


Next Meeting – Nov. 2nd on Zoom; motion to adjourn by Jenny Zbytowski seconded by Greg Rusk at 7:27pm minutes taken & submitted by: Katie Lelito


Utica High School Athletic Booster Club – September 14, 2020

In Attendance

Meeting was called to order at 7:03pm virtually on ZOOM with Board Members & Athletic Director: Karyn Holmes in attendance.  Please refer to the printed chat and this list of names for all in attendance: Karrie Koteles, Greg Rusk, Diann O’Connor, Stephanie, Deb Campbell, Dan Fehn, Jamie Stengel, Christy Pittel, Sandi Vitale, Catherine Berg, Holly Geottes, Melissa Zeiser, Michelle Kustarz, Shannon, Alor, Frank Buachard, Anne Marie Boyce, Sandy Edwards, Shawn Frezza, Joey McFarland, April Fullmer, Natalie Hoff, Stacey Durkee, Alicia Lamarise, Julia Mulvaine, Michon Kolhanowski 

Approval of Minutes and Treasurer’s Report

           The March Minutes were reviewed, and a motion was made by Karrie Koteles and seconded By Diann O’Connor, voted and approved.  The March Treasurer’s Report was reviewed, and a motion was made by Sandi Vitale and seconded by Karrie Koteles, voted and approved.  Jennifer Zybtowski mentioned that we have received “Thank you” notes from Lauryn Holmes and Ryan Fromm for the scholarships they were awarded. 

Athletic Director’s Report – Mrs. Karyn Holmes

New experiences and a lot of challenges this Fall with sports. There has been a lot of rewriting all schedules. So a lot is happening at the same time……..

Karyn highlighted each team:

           Soccer had their first game this past Saturday. All went well.

           Football is practicing. Freshman & JV have their first game this Thursday. Varsity Football next Friday at Anchor Bay

           Volleyball is indoors and getting ready to open their season this Thursday, Sept. 17

           Swim is indoors practicing

           Cross Country has had quite a few meets

           Tennis is doing well

           Golf is off to a great start

Governor’s EO – MHSAA constant clarification

Each participant (players, coaches, officials, administration) will receive two tickets for the event.  Each participant will be expected to give the names of the two spectators that will be attending the event.  Two tickets will be sent home with the participant every week before the game.  You MUST have a ticket to enter the game.  There will be NO exceptions to this rule.  If you need to change the spectator at the last minute at the door/gate, that is ok as long as the spectator has the ticket and the participants name they are attending under. All children are spectators no matter what age they are.  They will need a ticket to enter. There will be NO CHARGE for any sporting event at UCS, however opposing teams maybe charging to enter.  Spectators MUST wear masks at all times.

Pay to participate fees will not be increasing this season.

New Business

$10,000 Raffle -  Letters usually go out in October, however we are going to wait until a later date before we send them out.  The raffle is already scheduled on February 4, 2021 at the Shelby Gardens

Euchre fundraiser is tentatively set for March 26, 2021 at the Shelby Gardens

Coaches wish list: Karyn Holmes has sent all coaches an email requesting their wish list. Some coaches have already responded that they are not going to send a request at this time.  They are well aware of the circumstances were are under with not being able to have our two biggest fundraisers last year.  Coaches that are requesting items are being very conservative in their request. 

50/50 raffle – the Athletic Board has decided to forgo the raffle this season as the district does not want any exchange of cash

Athletic Booster Scholarship 2021 –  a few qualification changes:

    a.         parent must attend one meeting in the first semester and one meeting in the second semester

    b.         parent must work two events (parent involvement is usually the reason an athlete is denied)


Any ideas are welcomed for the boosters which “services” all athletics at Utica High. We have a 501c3 for any information regarding doing a fundraiser

Old Business 


Athletic happenings/booster web page updates

Diann O’Connor reported she has been sending a lot of emails and posting on the boosters facebook page.  Please like us on facebook at Utica High Athletic Booster.

Open to the Floor

Michelle Kustartz talked about the gaiter face masks she has ordered and will be for sale shortly. 

A question was asked by Catherine Berg regarding live streaming of athletic events.  Karyn said the district is looking in it through Pixelot.


Next Meeting – Oct. 5th  virtually; motion to adjourn motioned by Catherine Berg seconded by Karrie Koteles at 7:57pm. Minutes submitted by: Katie Lelito