Membership renewal

              *Please note important changes:

            *We have changed our banking to FNBopen file below for banking details
            *To successfully renew your membership, no forms are needed.                      
  •    DO NOT PAY CASH or you will be responsible for bank charges (see below)**
  •     Existing members renew by making an EFT payment of R60 (new banking details in file below)
             using their surname and membership number as reference .

  •     If you pay with cash or a cheque at a teller, please add the Bank charges of R46.00 to your deposit.

    •   Single membership R 60.00 plus R 46.00 bank charges - total R 106.00
    •   Couple membership R 120.00 plus R 46.00 bank charges - total R 166.0

  •      For cash or cheque  deposits at an ATM - add R 5.00 for bank charges

             We regret that should cash or cheque payments not include the Bank charges we cannot renew your membership until the Bank                   charges are  recovered. 

            Thank you for your co-operation.

              U3A Committee


       *If you cannot pay by EFT or cell phone banking, please go to your bank and ask them to load U3A on your account profile as a recipient so that you             can do “Cell Phone  Banking”.  Remember to ask them to record your Membership Number and Surname as a Reference.* 

                                                Any cell phone can be used and does not need to be a SmartPhone.


judy henry,
Sep 16, 2017, 10:58 PM