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Peer-refereed publications
*Indicates graduate student mentee
**Indicates undergraduate student mentee

Harms, T.M., S.J. Dinsmore, and O.E. Jones III. Comparing detection probabilities of breeding waterfowl indicated pairs between aerial and ground surveys. Journal of Wildlife Management. In review.

Harms, T.M., and S.J. Dinsmore. First documented molt migration of a wild Trumpeter Swan (Cygnus buccinator). Wilson Journal of Ornithology. In review.

Vanausdall, R.A., T.M. Harms, and S.J. Dinsmore. Breeding marsh bird response to restored shallow lakes: implications for future management. Wildlife Society Bulletin. In revision.

McMullen, C.M., and T.M. Harms. Impact of delayed mowing on restoring populations of grassland birds of conservation concern. Ecological Restoration 38:77-82. Full-text link

Duquette, C.A., J.T. Orr, T.J. Hovick, B.A. Geaumont, and T.M. Harms. Secretive marsh bird densities and habitat associations in the Prairie Pothole Region. Wetlands. https://doi.org/10.1007/s13157-019-01251-x. Full-text link

Kaminski, D.J., K.E. Poole, K.B. Clark, and T.M. Harms. 2020. Predicting landscape-scale summer habitat selection for the Northern Long-eared Bat (Myotis septentrionalis) in Iowa. Journal of Mammalogy 101:172-186. Full-text link

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Behrens, C.**, Z.J. Ruff*, T.M. Harms, and S.J. Dinsmore. 2019. Predator density influences nest attendance of Yellow-headed Blackbirds (Xanthocephalus xanthocephalus). Ibis 161:679-685.  Full-text link

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Harms, T.M.,
 and S.J. Dinsmore. 2016. Spatial scale matters when modeling avian co-occurrence. Ecosphere 7:e02188.  Full-text link

Harms, T.M., and S.J. Dinsmore. 2015. Density, abundance, and habitat associations of the Inland Swamp Sparrow (Melospiza georgiana georgiana) in Iowa. Wilson Journal of Ornithology 127:670-677.  Full-text link

Harms, T.M., K.E. Kinkead, and S.J. Dinsmore. 2014. Evaluating effects of landscape configuration on site occupancy and movement dynamics of odonates in Iowa. Journal of Insect Conservation 18:307-315.  Full-text link

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Harms, T.M., and S.J. Dinsmore. 2012. Density and abundance of secretive marsh birds in Iowa. Waterbirds 35:208-216.  Full-text link 

Dinsmore, S.J., and T.M. Harms. 2011. First record of Comb Duck (Sarkidiornis melanotos) for Costa Rica. North American Birds 65:362-363.

Natural History Publications
Harms, T.M. 2015. Common Raven in Polk County. Iowa Bird Life 85:34-35.

Harms, T.M.
, R.D. Rasmussen, K.E. Kinkead, P.W. Frese, and S.J. Dinsmore. 2013. Springtime Darner (Basiaeschna janata) New to Iowa. Argia 25:25.

Dinsmore, S.J., M. Griffin, T.M. Harms, R. Ellingson, and C. Kemmerer. 2012. Neotropic Cormorant nesting at Pool 13, Clinton County. Iowa Bird Life 82:171-172.

Harms, T.M., R.D. Rasmussen, K.E. Kinkead, C.L. Bergthold, P. Frese, and S.J. Dinsmore. 2012. New Additions to Iowa Odonata. Argia 24:30-31.

Dinsmore, S.J., and T.M. Harms. 2011. Painted Bunting at Dunbar Slough. Iowa Bird Life 81:158.

Popular articles
Harms, T.M. 2015. The Co-evolution of Birding and Photography. IOU News 31:8-10.  Full-text link

Harms, T.M.
 2013. Species Spotlight - Sedge Sprite (
Nehalennia irene). Wildlife Diversity News: A Publication of the Iowa DNR Wildlife Divesity Program 12:9.  Full-text link

Harms, T.M. 2012. Colonial-nesting Waterbirds on the Mississippi River. Wildlife Diversity News: A Publication of the Iowa DNR Wildlife Diversity Program 11:1-2.  Full-text link

Harms, T.M. 2012. To Feed or Not to Feed Hummingbirds in the Fall? Wildlife Diversity News: A Publication of the Iowa DNR Wildlife Diversity Program 11:6.  Full-text link

Harms, T.M. 2010. Surveying Secretive Marsh-birds in Iowa. IOU News 26:11.  Full-text link

Book reviews
Harms, T.M. 2015. "Book Review." Rev. of Ten Thousand Birds: Ornithology since Darwin, by Tim Birkhead, Jo Wimpenny, and Bob Montgomerie. 2014. Iowa Bird Life 84:174-175.

Harms, T.M. 2015. "Book Review." Rev. of Population Ecology: First Principles (second edition), by John H. Vandermeer and Deborah E. Goldberg. 2013. Journal of Wildlife Management 79:518-519.  Full-text link

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Harms, T.M. 2011. "Book Review." Rev. of Hawks at a Distance: Identification of Migrant Raptors, by Jerry Ligouri (Foreword by Pete Dunne). 2011. Iowa Bird Life 81:190-191.