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JAPAN 2013

Japan  Feb. 27 - Mar. 10, 2013
Darrell and I were invited to attend a dinner held by the Bird Life International organization in Kobe Japan on March 1st, and supported by Darrell's dear friend Lucio Gomiero of Vignalta Winery  who's wines were to be served.  The special guest for the dinner was to be Bird Life International honorary president H.I.H. Princess Takamado of Japan.  Sadly, two weeks prior to our visit, her father passed away. The dinner was cancelled and will be rescheduled at a later date. Our deepest sympathies to the Princess and her family. 
Over the span of the 11 day trip, we visited Osaka, Kobe, Sapporo, Kyoto, and Tokyo. We spent a full day at FoodEx, which is the largest food and beverage trade show in Asia, as it was making it's 2013 four day run in Chiba.  The blog will share our amazing experiences in pictures, video, and commentary.
Here is a short trailer video with some scenes taken over the course of the trip
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