Our organisation was founded in July 2016, it is a new association. It was established mostly by breeders who have schnauzer kennels with a history of more than 20 years and with international reputation. We have three expert judges among our founding members.

Establishment of a new organisation was inspired by the need for strengthening traditional views focusing on the original values of the schnauzer and pinscher breeds, instead of following international trends or fashion.

We are expecting new members for whom the preservation of traditional quality is most important and who follow these values in breeding and keeping dogs. We would welcome schnauzers and pinschers in working class again, since they are specified as working dogs.

With our shows and programmes we would like not only to promote the breeds represented by us, but also deepen relationship between members and schnauzer, pinscher fans within Hungary, as well as internationally. Join us!

Application for membership
Please send the application form filled in and signed to tspkhu@gmail.com!

Bank account (IBAN): HU58 11741000 21228816 00000000