We meet almost every week at the Merton Community Center in Downtown Merton.

Why You Should Join Our Troop

Unlike some BSA troops,  Troop 47 is truly scout run. with guidance and oversight from the many adults that volunteer their time and talents.  Each year our scouts decide the events and calendar for the year. The boys  run meetings,  events,  fundraisers outings and still have energy to give back to the community. 

We believe in High adventure all year, not just a special trip to an expensive base.  Do you crave whitewater? or climbing cliffs? Maybe wilderness kayaking, cave spelunking or a houseboat adventure on the Mississippi is more your style? We crave adventure! Those are just a few outings in the past 12 months.

We give back to the community in various forms of service too.   Roadside cleanup's,  assisting the Merton Fire Dept, hosting and running the Midwest's only Outdoor Adventure Camp for Webelos, food drives, pancake breakfast's, helping Cub Scout Programs  and much more.

Our scouts are from all over.  While we work closely with Merton School Pack 47, Richmond School(31) and Swallow School(296), you will find that our scouts come from more than Merton,  but several nearby communities: Erin, Delafield,  Hartland, North Lake, Sussex and Lisbon, WI.  Our chartered organization is the Merton Community Fire Department.   Our Young men hone their skills and leadership with gentle encouragement to advance to the next rank.  We believe: Boy Scouts is "The First Step from Boy to Man".
If you would like more information please click on the Contact Us link on the left.  Our Scoutmaster Dave Mason, or Committee Chairman Doug Heinrich will get in contact with you.

What's the Best About Our Troop?

Our Troop was first created in 1947. It has a lot of history of creating great leaders.  You can see from our Eagle Honor Roll link on the left that we pride ourselves in graduating Eagle Scouts.