Why You Should Join the Y-Guides

Father-Son Archery
Y-Guides give elementary school-age boys and their dads opportunities to have fun, learn from each other and develop mutual understanding.

Fathers and sons share in events, games, crafts, outings and campouts. Dads get to see their son's relationship to the group, and to see the boy'strengths and understand his individual needs. Likewise, sons observe their dads in action with other parents and kids. This gives the child an important role model.

Participants in Y-Guides form tribes (anywhere from 7 to 12 fathers and their sons). Tribes meet once a month in a member’s home to do fun activities such as games, crafts, stories and tricks. All of the Tri-Valley YMCA's Y-Guides tribes together form the Wolf Nation.

In addition to monthly tribe activities, the entire Wolf Nation participates in events throughout the year: community service, fall and spring campouts, pinewood derby and broomball. Best of all, the Y-Guides are just plain fun for both father and son!

You and your son will benefit from:
  • Fostering the companionship and understanding that form a foundation for positive, lifelong relationship
  • Building a sense of self-esteem and personal worth
  • Expanding your awareness of spirit, body and mind
  • Building a framework for spending enjoyable and constructive time together
  • Enhancing the quality of family time
  • Emphasizing the vital role dads play in the growth and development of their sons
  • Offering an important opportunity to develop and enjoy volunteer leadership skills
  • Meeting other families with boys the same age

** Only those registered as participants in the program are able to sign up for the events.

What's the Best Thing About the Y-Guides?

"The Y-Guides are the BEST!  Everything was memorable about it.  The camping trips are the most fun.  The zip line is my favorite part about going to Camp Loma Mar. 


The Pinewood Derby is fun too.  Over the years my cars have looked nicer and nicer but have been getting slower and slower.  This year I finally won an award for “Craftsmanship”. 


I will miss the campfires,  airhorns, friends, food staying up late and marshmallow guns.  I am going to miss the Y-Guides very much and when I am a dad, I hope to join again, but as a  Dad.


- Derek N.

(Graduate May 2008)