Meet Carl and Jenel

       Owners/Operators Trappe Creek Organic Farm

Carl has an undergraduate degree in biology and agricultural science and a Masters Degree in Teaching. As a Maryland Certified science teacher he  taught elementary and secondary science and biology and environmental science at the college level. Carl spent over 15 years working in the field of agriculture throughout the southeastern and western U S. He has been involved in organically growing vegetables for almost 10 years.

Jenel grew up on a farm with animals and vegetables. After her service in the U.S. Navy in Desert Storm she spent 10 years in the produce business operating four retail produce markets. When not operating the farm and caring for our family, she is finishing her degree in Earth Science Education at Salisbury University.


Carl and Jenel feel strongly about providing a healthy, safe, and nutritious supply of food and natural honey and consider this to be the core of our survival, comfort and well being. They also feel that they have an obligation to care for the land we use to sustain ourselves and this philosophy is born out at Trappe Creek Organic Farm.

Throughout the year, this philosophy about farming dictates what is done on Trappe Creek Organic Farm where they grow food differently from conventional farmers. They choose to use nature's way of solving farming problems growing plants without the use of chemicals. All of the fertilizers are natural, supported by intensive crop rotation and cover cropping. These practices are good for you and good for the planet