Kid's Day
Nature and Kids -- A Great Combination

Farm tours are held on Fridays from mid April through September and on Saturdays from September through November. All tours run from 9 to 11 AM.

    Where does food come from? Ask many kids today and they will tell you -- Food Lion. Is is safe to eat a tomato? Why are vegetables good for me? Kids are full of questions about the main event -- food. Many of them today think that fast food is what's for dinner.    

    The farm tour is an activity based educational program focusing on the production of a safe, healthy, and nutritious food supply while sustaining  the local environment.

So come join us while we explore the world we live in.

So lets start cooking :) with J C

At Trappe Creek Organic Farm we provide a Kid Centered program called " Where You Live and What You Eat." This program combines a farm production tour along with a tour of  the uplands, woods, wetlands and tidal marsh which make up Trappe Creek Organic Farm.

And don't forget our bees. Often the best part of the tour.

Painting bee hives. Great fun :)
Painting Bee Hives