Organizers: Marina Vicelja (Rijeka), Attila Kiss (Szeged) and György E. Szönyi (Szeged and Budapest)

 in association with:
 Barbara Baert (Leuven),  Colum Hourihane (Princeton)

Part One: May 23-25 (Thursday-Saturday)

Seventh International Conference of Iconographic Studies - Iconography on the Crossroads

Invited keynote speakers: 
Xavier Barral i Altet (Venice), Hans Belting (Karlsruhe), Ann Michel Holly (Williamstown USA),Colum Hourihane (Princeton), Bianca Kühnel (Jerusalem), Alexei Lidow (Moscow)

No registration fee, but travel
  expenses and accommodation are NOT covered.

Part Two: May 27-29 (Monday noon-Wednesday noon) 

Current Theoretical Interfaces: Iconicity, Semiotics, Historicity (BUDAPEST)

Invited keynote speakers: János Kelemen (Budapest), Massimo Leone (Torino), WJT Mitchell (Chicago), Jolán Orbán (Pécs)

No registration fee, but travel  expenses and accommodation are NOT covered.


Part Three: May 29-31 (Wednesday evening-Friday) 

European Iconology East & West 5: Cultural Imageries of Body and Soul – Intermedial Representations of the Corporeal, the Psychic and the Spiritual (SZEGED)

Invited keynote speakers: Barbara Baert (Leuven), Ivan Gerat (Bratislava), Marina Warner (Essex / Abu Dhabi); Rowland Wymer (Cambridge)

Registration fee: Eur 40 (Eur 30 for registered phd students; 30 and 20 for participants from ex-East-bloc countries). Travel  expenses and accommodation are NOT covered.