In studies of human perception, it has been observed that the visual system better recognizes the front view of objects, whereas the hand recognizes objects better from the back [Lectures by V. Hayward]. This complementary vision and tactile knowledge enhances the perception system of the three-dimensional objects with the two-dimensional visual perception. Humans learn the shapes of objects since their childhood by grasping, manipulating, and exploring surfaces of the objects. Drawing on the idea of the  touch perception in humans, the robotic systems can also benefit from tactile perception [ Tactile sensing in dexterous robot hands - review, Kappassov et al., RAS, 2015]
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Touch Driven Exploration

[ ZMP features for Touch Driven Robot Control via Tactile Servo, Kappassov et al., ISER2016, Tokyo, 2016]

Human2Robot hand-over [PhD Thesis by Kappassov, Paris, 2017]

Tactile servoing

[Tactile servoing, Kappassov et al., See and Touch: 1st Workshop on multimodal sensor-based robot control for HRI and soft manipulation, IROS2015, Hambourg, 2015]