‘Totemo Co., Ltd.’ was established on April 20, 2011.   Our objective is to be your consultant in repairing machines, providing both domestic and imported parts, and upgrading systems in your factory.  Maximizing  your machine capacity with  minimizing your maintenance cost is our goal. To meet the target, we have 5 products for your solution as follow:
     1. Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) Parts
     2. Construction Technology
     3. System Solutions
     4. Services   
     5. Etc.
   We hope that our services will meet the best solution to maintain machines and keep business moving forward smoothly.


We have various products and models to meet your requirement and solutions. it consists of mechanical and electrical (M&E) equipment i.e. heaters, connectors and controllers, and construction technology i.e. hydraulic breaker, shear and crusher, etc.

System Solutions

We can be your consultant and provide best solution for you in mechanical  system, electrical system and control system. We insures that your system will maximize its capacity and meet your requirement.


Whenever  fault  of  some machine part occurs and causes the machine stops running. It is essential to bring the machine back to running state as soon as possible. The first solution is repairing the part. So, we can have repair solution on electric equipments,
electronic boards, instruments and control equipments, etc. Also, the repairing is worked by our expert and specialist you can trust.