Join us June 24-26, 2022

Top Dog Agility Club

serves the

Olympia Washington area with semiannual CPE events

Thanks to everyone for attending the March 2021 TOP DOG trial.

We welcomed Mike Brownell back as our judge. As always, he had great courses and we had lots of fun.

Congratulations to Sherry Bodin, Kathy Swan and Chris Anderson on their C-atches.

Kudos to Sherry Bodin for getting 51 in snooker. Cheryl Parker was a few seconds short. People know I usually go for 51, but I did not attempt four dog walks; a gal has got to know her limitations.

Lots of great photos by Joe Camp; as always Joe knows how to capture the best of the dogs.

Thanks to the TOP DOG crew and helpers. I apologize if I missed anyone. Sherry Bodin with Kim Booth and Score Keeper in Training, Jodi Halverson. The Heather Leu and Ringwood with Carrie Holcomb. Kathy Barros- Friedt for the wonderful raffle. Laura for keeping us in workers. David Hamilton for bringing the trailer and writing the checks. Mary Briggs for Covid sanitation. William Edmark for parking.

Our next trail is in June. Get the premium here. We have a new judge from Illinois – Steven Klien Opens May 25th get your entries ready

Hope to see you there.

Chris Edmark

Trial Chair

The Sport of Dog Agility

Dog agility is a fun, fast moving sport in which the handler must direct their dog through and over a series of obstacles as per the judge's rules.

It is modeled after equestrian jumping wherein faults are given to teams for refusing obstacles, knocking bars, and exceeding the set course time. Some courses encourage strategy and creativity in running the course for competitive points. The dogs’ flexibility and athleticism have allowed the sport to grow and include more challenging and diverse obstacles: tunnels, teeter-totter, dog walk, and A-frame.

There are several competitions in western Washington every month.

Getting Started

Safety of dogs and handlers is of primary importance. Wear comfortable shoes with good soles. Follow what your trainer says and practice at home.

Dogs should be healthy, sound, free of internal and external parasites, and able to see and hear well.

Dogs need some basic obedience training, such as: sit, stay, down, come when called, maintain control around other dogs, and accept handling by strangers.

Off-leash heel work is a big plus, but not required.

Agility work begins by starting the dogs on low jumps and obstacles. The height or width of the obstacle is increased slowly as training progresses until they are finally at competition level.Dogs start their training on leash with positive rewards of praise, treats and toys.

There are several providers of classes for beginning, novice, and advanced agility teams. Check our "Resources" for links.

TOP DOG currently holds at least two Canine Performance Events (CPE) trials a year. The club also holds periodic agility and other canine-related seminars. They have regular meetings and include group practice in the club's activities.