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posted Jun 13, 2013, 8:09 PM by Tony Moser   [ updated Jul 4, 2013, 10:15 AM ]

From Brother James Calhoun
Dear Praying Friends,

Linda and I were with New Hope MBC of Hot Springs today. I preached in the
morning service, enjoyed lunch with the church, and then gave the missions
presentation in the afternoon. Tonight we attended Faith MBC of Arkadelphia
with our family and enjoyed hearing Bro. Loyd Roper who was filling in

I continue to do the Wednesday night adult Bible study for Faith MBC of

Please pray for Linda and me as we seek to promote the work of ASMP and our
state missionaries. I am available to visit your church. Please call or
send me an email for available dates.

God Bless,
Bro. Calhoun

As of June 28 we have received $73,590.68 for the May Mission Emphasis
offering. I continue to pray that we will reach our goal of $75,000. Last
year we received $2,535.25 after July 1. I do not know if any more will
come in, but hopefully we will receive enough more to reach the goal.
Regardless, I am thrilled at the response to this years appeal. If your
church has not sent an offering for this goal, please consider doing so.

There is a great possibility that we will have two new state missionaries to
consider at our meeting in November.
A church is considering taking the work in Mt. Home and placing a
missionary there to rebuild that work. As you know, First MBC of Cave City
has procession of the property. The church considering the work would be a
good fit I believe.
East Union MBC of Hensley has been deeded the property of Grace MBC of
Little Rock which closed their doors. Bro. Roberts, pastor of East Union
called to say they are looking to begin a multi cultural ministry in the
Grace facilities. I am excited about the prospects and ask you to pray
about this.

Our quarterly meeting of the committee will be Tuesday, August 13, at 10:00
a.m. and will be hosted by Calvary MBC of Magnolia. Brother Carter talked
to me about them having a Monday night service for those in the area and
those coming in on Monday for the meeting Tuesday. Their plans are to meet
at 7:00 p.m. for a time of worship and fellowship. Brother Roger Copeland
of Texarkana will be bringing the message and they are inviting a singing
group to present special music. After the service they plan to serve
refreshments for a time of fellowship. We will be sending out information
on a motel to use in the next couple of weeks.

The following note comes from Bro. Foster's son, Kevin...
Dad's old earthly body gave up the fight about 1:00 AM this morning. He is
in a much better place now, and although we are very sad that he is gone
from us - we are very thankful for the assurance of presence with our Lord &
We want to say Thank You to each and every one for all your prayers.
The Carroll Foster Family, Marguerite, Keith, Kyle, Kevin, Karol Rene'
You can read his obituary and sign his guest book at

Brother Davis is pastor of Oak Grove MBC of Austin, Arkansas...
Brother Davis is doing well after having by pass surgery.

Brother Williams has resigned Faith MBC of Arkadelphia and moved back to
Bro. Williams is having some heart problems and will be seeing a heart
doctor in Little Rock Monday. He is thankful that he has signed a contact
to sell his home in Arkadelphia. Also, he is available to preach in view of
call or fill in.

Bro. Norris of Batesville has been placed on hospice care and is very ill.
Please remember him and Sister Norris in prayer.

Bro. Triplett recently celebrated his 95th birthday. Last Sunday Linda and
I were at Central MBC of Warren. Bro. Triplett had a bad spell that morning
and was taken to the hospital. After lunch we visited him in the ER just
before he was dismissed to home. He was doing better but certainly needs
our prayers.

Brother Miller broke his leg and has been in the hospital. Last week he had
pneumonia. Please remember him and Sister Miller in your prayers.

Please pray for Pastor Bobby Ball, Lacey, Washington. He had surgery
Please pray for Bro. Robert Williams, North Highlands, CA who was not able
to be at the meeting this year because of a lung infection.
Sis. Loretta Robinson is healing from several hip surgeries so they were
unable to attend the meeting this year.
Bro. Robert Speer - Longtime pastor of many churches in Arkansas was in Hot
Spring Memorial Hospital in Malvern, AR
Please pray for our Pastors & Missionaries who serve in Mexico. The
country is in great need of the gospel. These men literally are risking
their lives doing so. Nothing is sacred with the cartel. Our brethren are
under attack.
Amon Langston is in intensive care in Odessa, TX
George Garner family
Brother Ray Brooks wife was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia during
the meeting.