Throttle Linkage Kit

For all Triumphs TR2/3/4/5/6 with:

Dual Strombergs
Dual SU's
Dual  or triple Webers,  DGV or DCOE
Triple Strombergs
Triple SU's
Part Number: TLK-01 for all above except Weber DCOE with Cannon manifolds
Part Number: TLK-02 for Weber DCOE carbs  with Cannon mainifolds.
Part Number TLK-03 for all TR2/3 models

If you are using any of the above mentioned carburetor setups with either the stock, Pierce Cannon or Goodparts manifolds, then these kits will make your life so much simpler. It eliminates the bell crank system used in the stock carburetor setups and replaces it with a modern, infinitely adjustable, aircraft quality, push pull cable system. 

RATCO's approach is to simplify the entire connection between the accelerator pedal and the throttle connection at the carburetor with a cable instead of a bellcrank. In the process we have eliminated that cumbersome bellcrank linkage and have added adjustability which allows foot pedal height adjustment, full open throttle settings and free play adjustment. All this adds up to a smoother and more accurate linkage for the street rider and track racer alike.

              This system replaces the bell crank assembly at the carburetor with a push/pull aircraft cable assembly connected to the lever at the passenger side firewall and a simple bracket at the carburetor. Now Weber owners can get full throttle acceleration, which was impossible with the stock linkage. Installers get to choose the location of the carburetor bracket, which is most convenient for them and all users get smooth accurate response to pedal pressure.

              All hardware needed is included and complete instructions come with the kit or can be downloaded from this web site. All parts are powder coated and all hardware is nickel-plated. Installation takes about 1 hour and requires drilling holes in the firewall to mount the bracket.

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