For All Thriumph TR Series 4A(IRS), 5/250,6
(not available for CH03 series, TR2-3)

 Front sway bars are also available and ours can be used alone without the rear bar or can be used in conjunction with the rear bar. Our front bars are reproductions of the stock bar in 4140 chrome molly steel, mandrel bent in 7/8 inch diameter. They match the rear bar and when used together are designed to provide neutral steering without inducing under steer or over steer. These are powder coated and come with all the necessary mounting hardware.

 If you are converting to the coil over shock system, then you might want to look into fitting a rear sway bar to your new frame. This sway bar is custom made for us by a premier sway bar manufacturer and is fabricated to fit our frames only if a coil over shock system is used. The coil over system frees the mounting hole normally used by the lever shock on the swing arm. That mounting point is now used for the end link attachment of the sway bar. The bar rides up and over the differential along the spring tower cross member and is held in place by brackets and bushings at two locations.

The bars are 4140 chrome molly steel and are mandrel bent to our specifications. They come with all the hardware and end links sets. These 3/4 inch diameter bars and all the hardware are powder coated for lasting durability.


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