Differential Crossmember Replacement Kit

The differential cross-member that you see here is the design used for the RATCO frame and it is the same design that is used on the Differential Replacement Kit for stock TR frames.  Our kit allows you to replace your broken or tired differential cross-member without taking the body off the car..  The procedure requires some cutting and welding but can be easily done by the shade tree mechanic if a welder is available..  The kit includes all the hardware needed and comes with an instruction manual showing step by step procedures with detailed photo's.. 
A very important feature of the kit is that it includes a set of rail covers that wrap around the old frame rails and provide a substantial platform upon which to weld the new differential cross-member..  Once installed it allows the welding of new steel to new steel and the design strengthens the entire area as well..   It can be made to work with the old design lever shocks or if you want to upgrade to the tube shock conversion  kit or the shock in coil kit, that can be made as well.. Tell us your preference when you place your order..