Our research as to whether these kits actually cause the seperation of the differential crossmember at the frame rail, has concluded and the results say that it indeed speeds up a process that will happen anyway. Our response to this is first to design a better system and second to be prudent.  We recommend carefully inspecting the weld areas at the crossmember to rail and after finding them to be sound and solid,  then install this kit. The improvement over lever shocks is worth the risk. If that sounds irresponsible let me say that the failure (possibly) caused by this performace improvement is never catostrophic or life threatening. It is never our intention to put anyone in harms way. We have done the research and testing that has led us to design a product we believe is best for this application..

     We designed the system to help deter the failure by making the structure out of steel that will flex with the force of heavy shock loads.  All of our competitors brackets are made of 1/4 inch material.  Ours is made of 3/16 material.  This thinner material and the design of the bracket itself, actually flexes under load.  It is our belief that if the bracket flexes it will take most  (if not all)  of the stress from the crossmember to rail weldments.  our testing has shown this to be true. We have used this system for over ten years without failure on many cars belonging to friends and customers.  If your frame is in good shape and you have checked the areas in question for structural integrity, then we recommend this product and know that you will see a great improvement in ride performance..  

Tube Shock Bracket Kit for TR 250,5 & 6
These mounting brackets are supplied without shocks for those who wish to choose their own. They are designed to fit shocks having a dust cover on the piston shaft or shock without dust covers. The hole size for the bushings are .875 inches to accommodate most shock bushings. They are made of .187 cold rolled steel plate and are powder coated black for durability and appearance. We supply all new hardware and complete instructions.


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