Social Structure

Toltec Society
Little is known about Toltec society.  It is known that the civilization was a militaristic aristocracy.  This means that there was some class variations (so it is assumed) among the people of the civilization.  It is believed that the military leaders as well as religious leaders were at the top of the society.  However, it also is believed that the Toltec peoples had a chief like figure who ran each particular city.  Probably, the military probably ran much of the civilization and kept people in row.  The influence of religion though would have most definitely played a serious role in the upper workings of the military though as well, as the military wouldn't have acted unless they had the gods on their side. 
The middle class was probably made up of craftsmen, astronomers, merchants (there is evidence that the Toltecs had wide spread trade with other growing civilizations of Mesoamerica) and other trained professionals, though this only is speculation.  Not much is known about the lower classes, although it is assumed that they were made up of working people who helped to build the cities and connect the civilization as well as conquered peoples.