6. New to Band?

This is a copy of the email sent to all incoming 5th grade band students.

Welcome to the Tierra Linda Wolf Pup Band!!

Mr. Murphy would like to welcome you to the Tierra Linda 5th Grade Wolf Pup Band!  You are taking the first step in an exciting new journey toward learning a new instrument.  Not only will you learn how to play a new instrument, you will enjoy learning music with many of your friends and peers in class.  In your first year you will perform in two concerts and as you progress in band, you’ll discover many other fun opportunities such as more concerts, a musical Disneyland trip in 8th grade and a Lock-In in 8th grade where we spend the night at Tierra Linda and have an all night party to celebrate your four years in band.  Many kids then go on to play in high school and some go even further and major in music in college.  The music program at Tierra Linda is fun, competitive and superior in quality.  

What is the next step you may ask?  Over the summer you’ll need to rent an instrument (preferably  from Clocktower Music or Hornucopia) or purchase the snare and bell kit (percussion only).  If the cost is an issue, please let Mr. Murphy know ASAP so he can secure you a school instrument through a partial or full scholarship.  The instruments need to be rented and ready to go by the first day of school.  However, you can rent as early as you’d like, provided you will have some kind of help over the summer (like a private teacher or a family member who played the instrument who can show you how to get started).  All basics will be covered during the first couple of weeks of school so you don’t NEED to get any private lessons.  However, if you’d like to take a few over the summer, it really helps you to have a good start to next school year.  Mr. Murphy can recommend teachers if you email him.  You can also go to Clocktower or Hornucopia for a complete list of local tutors.

The next step is to get the supplies that are specific to your instrument.  Included is the same supply list you received at the Instrument Selection Day just in case you lost yours.  Mr. Murphy recommends going to Clocktower or Hornucopia for these supplies.  All students should have a music stand and a metronome/tuner (recommended Korg TM-40 or TM-50 found online only).  The book, binder and pencil pouch will be supplied by Mr. Murphy and students will receive it on the first day of school.  Students do not need to bring their metronome/tuner or stand to school, just their instruments.  Percussionists do not need to bring their snare and bell kit, just their mallets in their stick bag.  We will be purchasing the Traditions of Excellence books for the kids.  

Cubbies will be given out on the first week of school. This will be where they keep their instruments during the day.  The kids come to school, drop off their instrument and THEN go to their lockers.  And at the end of the day, they come to pick up their instruments to practice at night.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email Mr. Murphy at jmurphy@scsdk8.org.


Mr. Murphy

Tierra Linda Middle School

Band Director