We would like to thank you for all the work you have put into your classes with Erin, her creative writing and storytelling has grown immensely since starting with you, this has shone through in her school work and communication of ideas from imagination to paper, she has really enjoyed the classes and having another small circle of friends has been of great benefit.
"Thank you so much for your fabulous creative writing class, Milly enjoys it immensely. I really want to thank you for the interest that a group like yours places on young people's creative writing development. It is a fantastic opportunity, and provides Milly with much enthusiasm and enjoyment for reading and writing." Kathrine
"Thank you so much for providing the children with such an incredible opportunity. My daughter loves your Tiger's Eye sessions."
"Thanks Tess ... for hosting such an enriching experience for these little people, term after term." (Parent)

"My son was awarded writing champion status this week at school, something that he had previously never been in the running for. I really think that there is a link here with Tigers Eye!" Stacey Howard

"Tiger's Eye Writers is epic and also awesome!" Rebecca, age 10
"I would like to thank you Tess for all the encouragement you have given Daisy, she has had a wonderful experience, you have really given her the confidence to write creatively and to enjoy using her imagination.. I hope that she will continue to work with you in the future..I know that Daisy would like to do so!!" Nicki Craig
"Tiger's Eye Writers is like a family." Tom, age 8
"My son Jamie loves playing computer games and watching TV; he hates writing, and wouldn't even pick up a crayon until he started school. He went to his first session of Tiger's Eye under protest- he came out begging to be allowed to go back! Since then, Tess has encouraged him to write stories and poems that I wouldn't have thought him capable of." Andrea Kay
"Thank you so much for the session today - both Tom and Molly came home buzzing with it. Tom burst through the door saying it was brilliant and has gone straight to the table to complete his story he started with you. You are obviously wonderful at inspiring them. Thank you for exciting their creative spirit." Fiona Cartmell
"I have assisted Tess in several of the workshops she has run. She is skilled at inspiring the children - stimulating their imaginations and expecting (and therefore helping them achieve) good, creative work. I was very impressed." Peter Deadman, Editor of The Journal of Chinese Medicine and Volunteer for Little Green Pig Writing Project
"Tess led thoughtful and inspiring workshops for 7-16 year olds and the children responded to her well. It’s great to have a writer who has a teaching background too." Ella Burns, Project Manager of Little Green Pig Writing Project