Writing from our Words on Water Summer Workshop

We started our workshop by playing games to learn each others' names and to get our imaginations going. Luckily the weather was kind and the rain stopped in time for us to walk along the beach, paying attention to anything that interested us and listening to the sounds of our feet on pebbles. We took notes on what we saw and collected shells, pebbles, seaweed and other treasures to take back to the workshop space. After lunch we shared our findings, then used them as inspiration for writing poems and stories. We finished the day by arranging the things we had found and the things we had written into a display for the parents and grandparents to enjoy.
Life on the Beach

Rain drops resting brightly on green, lime leaves,

Scattered out like coins.

When you shake the leaves gently,

There is water everywhere.


Deep in the stones I found a secret glass,

It must have come from a fairy.

I turned it round & upside down,

And it looked so pretty.


A stone which was blank & grey,

It didn’t have any details,

So it lay rigid on the bay.

Then somebody painted it with white stripes,

So it made the most of its day.


The sea looked shiny,

& the wave splashed madly,

When it crashed against the rocks,

It looked sparkly.


Frilly weeds sitting comfortably,

Growing from the ground.

I gaze at it because it’s beautiful,

With yellow flowers living with it.


by Isabella, 7

The Crystal Cave
As I enter the crystal cave,
All the colours seem to amaze,
As I walk into the crystal world,
All the colours seem to swirl,
Deep down in the crystal cave,
Nothing seems to amaze,
But if you take a torch,
All the colours seem to swirl
As you enter the crystal cave world.
By Aliyah, aged 9
Walking on the Beach                                            
Heavy, holey in my hand,
Smooth as new paint
On a wall in a house,
Crystals in a stone.
Pebbles crunching under my feet,
Knuckly-knickly as my eyes go round,
Pebbles crunching together
Like paper.
Dandelions yellow as pollen,
Circly as my face -
Amazing as the sun.
by Josie,                                                             
Stones are crunchy beneath my feet,
crackling like fireworks.
Bulbs of seaweed lying on top of soft sand
flinging into my eyes.
Yellow flowers as yellow as gold
sitting on the sunlight.
Shells as beautiful as treasure.
Raindrops clinging onto the leaves.
by Erin, 7
The Little Boy and the Girl
Once there was a little girl and a little boy. One day they both went to the beach and collected lots of stones and shells and made a ginormous boat. They used smooth stones for the sails, and seaweed for the bottom of the boat. They went out to sea with it. When they stopped they found the land of goodies.
by Erin, 7