Spooky Stories!

Help create a spooky atmosphere by coming dressed in Halloween Costumes (optional) and bringing torches, ghost stories and lots of imagination to the Shoreham Centre on Monday 27th October from 2pm-5pm. We'll gather in a circle to listen to local ghost stories and share any that we know, before working together to identify the techniques that make a story spooky. We'll then plan our own ghost stories, before stopping for spooky themed snacks. After our break we'll get straight to work writing our stories and preparing to read them to the group at the end (also optional). Parents/carers are invited to join us at 4.30pm to hear what we've been up to - prepare to be scared!

Who's it for? Ages 7-11
How many will be in the group? Maximum of 12
How much does it cost: £18 to include snacks
How do I book? Payment will secure the place - contact Tess on 07940 466035 or tessjolly@yahoo.co.uk