Our Street - Half-term Workshop

We started our workshop by playing a game discussing who we'd rather spend a day with ... a Dad who turned everything to chocolate or a Mum who never stopped laughing; the man in the moon or a woman who lived in a cave at the bottom of the sea; a head-teacher who turned everything to gold or a policeman who had diamonds raining from his fingers? We used to story-cubes to practise building a character before moving on to plan out our street. We used Nick Sharatt's You Choose to find ideas for the types of unusual buildings we might put on our street, then spent time drawing our street onto a large piece of paper. To name it, one of the group suggested each participant contribute one letter so we built the name Ajbeth Zay Street! We worked as a group to describe the street...

Ajbeth Zay Street

Ajbeth Zay street is on the outskirts of a village beyond the ordinary. Many wild and wonderful creatures live on this street. They are all protected by a man called Mr Weed and attacked by his arch-enemy, the Hedge-Trimmer. This road is a very different road to other roads. Dragons live here, and Pegasuses. Lots of very exciting tournaments are held here. Some houses are upside-down. Some are weird and some are wonderful but they are all downright unordinary. Many a unique creature from little to large calls this street their home.

We then discussed techniques authors use to build a character, using Roald Dahl's The Twits to help us. We focused on appearance, personality, speech and actions to build our own characters, deciding where our characters lived on Ajbeth Zay Street. After lunch we settled down to writing a short story describing a day in the life of our character, before reading our stories to each other at the end of the workshop.

A Day in the Life of the Bean's House


One day the bean family

came out of their house.

and swore at the rocket.

Then they saw the lawn-mower-mobile

racing down the street chasing after the hedge trimmer running super fast.

They immediately jumped into the saucer-pods

and shouted "bean ready for years" they shot after the lawn-mower-mobile

and they shot the lawn-mower-mobile

just for the fun of it ( what creeps!)

Then they sent stink bombs into the lawn-mower-mobile

and the lawn-mower-mobile

drove out of the road and into the hotel and then the lawn-mower-mobile

shot up and showed the world the beans.





5 feet

4 eyes

and angry


and rude

Then the beans help their master up

and they heard "quick to the lawn-mower-mobile"

and then their master said "time for a trim, flower boy"

and shot up to fight Mr Weed. The fight went on for many days

and the beans shot the sky the whole time and then they transformed into

the bean hedge and flew up to the sky shouting "time for the bean flower boy"

and got their trimmers out and clashed with the gigantic Mr Weed. First they were winning then they were suddenly hit from behind and shrunk a day in the life of the beans we've 'bean ready for years'.

And next week, in the bean magazine, the adventures of the Beans’ Galactica.


At the weekend the beans have a peace day and go and have tea and fairy cakes with Mr Weed 16/02/2015  even though the fairies thought it was a bad idea.


Hugh was a pair of pants who was farting all day even though they lived in the Taj Majal. The beans were eating cakes when they heard "My God! Where are my pants?", and they laughed their heads off and Weird Woman came in and sat in the toilet. The beans hate the bobble heads, and they exploded. The end ­- and then the remains of Mr Weed regrew "Well, that was easy".


by Jamie