Half-term Workshop - A Multisensory Extravaganza!

We began our workshop by playing games to get to know each other and warm up our imaginations, before moving on to sampling a boiled sweet. We used our senses to find exciting words to describe the experience, then worked together to write a group poem.
Sweet in my Mouth

Crunchy as cornflakes on my teeth,
Fruity as a tropical jungle.
The wrapper protects it from hungry children.
Spiky like wires,
Gooey as marshmallow.
A sound of rustling and ripping paper.
Flavoury, it tickles your tongue like a feather.
Long as a tree-trunk -
Sweet as a sweet.


We then licked, slurped, tasted, touched, listened and devoured our way through the next part of the session - using our freshly honed senses to experience chocolate, sugar, salt, cream, putty, strawberry, fur fabric, foil, mango and various other delights, all the time challenging ourselves to write inspired and brilliant words about what we could taste, smell, feel, hear and see.

We stopped for lunch to refuel our bodies and minds ....


before sitting down to focus on the main reason for the workshop - using our words and experiences from the morning to inspire poems and stories.

A World inside an Object

Yesterday I was wondering what it would feel like if I lived inside a mango. I set off to Mango Land. It was very hot there. I was walking until a gigantic mango hit me. I thought it would be a great place to live. There was already a little worm-hole so I climbed into it. It was all slippery and slimey. It tasted of strawberry milkshake. It was yellowy red. I ate a little bit of the hole to see what it would do. It shook and shook but it was quite slow. I thought it would be good to sleep in, so I made a pillow out of strawberries. It felt like my snuggly mango house.

Caitie Heather (6)

Mango Poem

I’m a tropical dessert,

Surrounded in mango.

It’s tangy and sharp.

I am a piece of mango.

When you pick me up

I’m slippery as banana-skin.

Lots of people think I’m tasty.

My colour is yellow like the stars.

Mango is as smooth as silk.


Cassia (10)

The Pine Cone

Once there was a pine-cone that lived in a purse, and once he sighed “I live in a purse, what could be worse! But it is cosy and warm.” The poor little pine-cone had a tiny blanket that he treasured and loved.

One day he went out of the purse and found a measuring tape and he dragged it home. Then he saw a shot of light and it turned into a crystal, a tall blue crystal, a thin bumpy crystal.

The pine-cone lived happily ever after.

Keeley Lansdowne (8)

A World inside an Object

There was once a boy who had a sister called Josie. The boy’s name was Kai. Kai was the oldest, Josie was the youngest. One day they both found a candle in the dark night and it was all starry and glittery. It was high high in the sky. It was all blue and gold. The fire was like a sunbeam. The children whirled into the candle. They found a magical world inside with lots of fruits. They ate all the fruits up and found themselves sliding back home through a rainbow.

Josie Richards (6)

My Poem

One day I experienced some senses

and felt, touched and tasted

a colourful grain of sand

yellow as a banana,

yummy tomato

red as ketchup -

exotic, watery.

Blowing wind

blowing wind,

chiming, beeping.

Me me me-ing

yay yay yay-ing



Betty Davis (7)

The Crystal, the Journal, a Pot of Dust

Melissa slowly woke up from a long, dreamy sleep. Her hair flung back and accidentally knocked a golden pot. Tonnes of mini dust-balls were floating around inside. Suddenly they formed into a crystal shape. “You want me to find a crystal?” Melissa curiously questioned.

Soon, Melissa set off following the tiny black balls. They led her into the dark, gloomy, tall tree woods. A blue slip of hard stone had a clue carved into it: The crystal hides in the wood. Behind a 100 year-old tree. Can you find it? I think you could.

Amazingly, a million wooden brown signs appeared telling you how old the trees were. Quickly, Melissa noted all the things down. Finally, she found out the clue – could she find it?

Her journal had the clue and took her to the crystal. But as soon as she got there, there was only a squishy yellow fake one…?

“How…how did it happen?” she asked. The dust replied saying there is one more clue to go. Slowly, the black fluffy balls carried a clue but its words were in different fruit shapes – what was it?

Isabella Mason-Iran (9)

The Shell, the Key and the Compass

There was once a monkey. He was hoping to find the magical shell that would change all of his life. So he would live in a highly beautiful palace and have a bed that has stairs he could walk up. There were jewels all around the palace. But one day the monkey went into the forest until he came across a cave. When he went inside he saw something glittering. Could it be the magical shell? As he got closer he saw it was the shell.

As well as that he also saw a compass kind of thing. He picked it up and decided he was going to take it along with him to guide the way. So he collected the shell and continued his journey.

Then suddenly he came across a chocolate river. The monkey did not know how to get across. But then he remembered that he had that bottle on him. So he pulled it out and started his plan. He started sucking the chocolate. What a strange idea.

But it was still a great idea and then when he had done that he ran across the river and as soon as he stepped out onto the path he could see his village. But how was he going to get there it was sooooo far. Then he saw a bird. The monkey thought he could help. So he started tweeting. The bird heard him and floated downwards. Do you need a ride he said. Yes I do said the monkey, I need a ride to that village over there.

At last we made it. It was a long journey but we got there in the end. I ran back home and at last I was happy.

Erin, 7

The Pouch, the Key and the Potion

Courtney woke up tingling with excitement. The day she had been waiting for all year was finally here! She hopped out of bed and skipped to the stairs. Then she slid down the banister with her hair flaming out behind her. She glided into the living room to see an enormous heap of presents. A bright look ran to her face. She dived into the pile and ripped off all the wrapping paper like she was a wild dog.

A few moments later there were no wrapped up presents as they had all been opened. Courtney shot back up the stairs to get ready for school. She decided to wear her favourite skirt, the one that when she spun around flew out to the sides. It had three buttons at the top and a flower embroidered in the bottom right side corner. She put on her cleanest top and favourite shoes. They were all black with some glitter and a frilly flower in the middle. Then she grabbed her jacket and bounced out the door.

She headed down the friendly neighbourhood. On the way to the bus stop she was stopped by an old woman with a crooked walking stick. She didn't say anything but she did hand a neatly wrapped gift to Courtney. Then she winked and disappeared! Courtney opened the gift and inside was a pouch and a key and a bottle. The bottle was sapphire blue with a gold sun carved into it. The pouch also had the same sun embroidered onto it, and the key was the same shade of gold as the suns were. Inside the bottle was a strange purple liquid that seemed to be moving by itself. Courtney twisted the cork out of the bottle and then suddenly she was sucked into the bottle! 

The next thing Courtney was doing was being driven across the rainbow. It was spectacular! There was such an amazing view! Finally the rainbow came to an end and at the end of the rainbow instead of there being a pot of gold there was a small doorway with an even smaller keyhole. The door felt smooth and it looked brand new. Suddenly Courtney remembered the golden key from the little old lady. She yanked it out of her pocket. It felt cold on her hands. She placed it in the bear-shaped keyhole. An array of light bounced off the door.

The door opened. Behind the door was a magical world with pixies and trees growing candles. There was one tree that was different to all the others. It had a fountain pouring out thousands of grains of scarlet purple dust. It felt like icing from the sky. It was so beautiful Courtney had to have some. She used the pouch to hold it but she carried it around with her everywhere until suddenly a strong wind rushed past her face and stars danced by.

Courtney was being taken home.   

Izzy, 8