Poems and stories from our Marlipins Musings workshop

We had a really productive day today writing stories and poems based around the exhibits in the Marlipins Museum. We began by playing games to get to know each other and warm up our imaginations, then spent time wandering around the museum collecting words and ideas. The children noticed cat bones which had been found in a deep pit and learned that the Cat Pit as it is now called was probably once a toilet! They found ships in bottles, the old lamp from Shoreham lighthouse, a boat made out of a bird's breast bone and lots more weird and wonderful things. We wove some of the words we had gathered into list poems, then wrote stories inspired by the things which particuarly captured our imaginations. The children worked incredibly hard and came up with some very impressive and original pieces of writing.
A Ship’s Treasure


Old messages

Shiny shells

Golden earrings

Two old compasses that follow my gaze

Shipwrecks everywhere

Medieval dress accessories

Cat skeleton

Dog skull

Everything I’ve found is old

And that’s what interests me!


The Truth Hidden Behind a Ship


On a calm sunny day a ship was sailing and aboard many people were

carried. The sailor was turning the wheel very very fast and suddenly

the wheel and the box it was attached to broke and out came two

dusty but pretty boxes. He gasped and opening the shell-decorated

box he took out about a hundred tatty torn faded messages. He

gasped again actually reading some of the messages. He sighed

because he wanted to read them all but he knew he couldn’t. So he

opened the old red and black box and yet again gasped, for inside

were some old pirate earrings, a mini stained-glass window, an old

coin that couldn’t be used and two beautiful seashells. So that meant

the ship they were on was an old pirate ship.


By Emma, 7

          History of Wonders in my Mind


Shells captured in a net,

A compass a pirate cannot forget,

Lass of Gowrie,

Boat or ship,

The mystery towers,

What comes next?

Old notes in a box,

Maybe it’s from the cat-pit.

Gold medieval ring

Has not been caught,

I cannot believe the wonders in my mind.


The Selkie’s Shell


Far far away in another dimension lies the sea, which is full of history

and wonders. Rosalina the beautiful Selkie saw her father swimming

towards her. He looked as if a shark was chasing him. Her father said

“Do not go out of the sea, there is a war going on.” But they did not

know that boats were hunting for the Selkies’ charm shells.


Rosalina was gathering more shells for her father’s sea birthday.

Suddenly a big boat called Barque Arbutus floated above her and

dropped down the anchor. A big net pulled down and unfortunately

grabbed the shells and took Rosalina’s special charm. Without it she

could not be human, she could only be a seal. She tried to grab it but

she could not.


Rosalina rushed to her friend (who was in an ocean cat-fish pit) and

asked to borrow her special charm. Before she could say any more her

friend Emma told her she’d been trained to own a museum when she

was out of the sea and she said “You can take my charm, but the

Barque Arbutus is probably taking them to Sir Bill who is hunting for

them. Just be quick.”


So when Rosalina got to the museum she looked around with her silky

brown hair waving in the air. She looked at all the bags of shells and

saw something glowing in the bag of captured shells. She saw the

glowing shell sinking. It was in a cabinet in a museum. She found

a roman key. She didn’t know the difference between a modern key

and an ancient key. She opened the cabinet and the key actually

worked, but how?


By Hannah, 10


The Wonder of Wonders


Dreams floating round, opening the past,

Lift the curse and make me great.

Boats sailing round, and shells in their place,

Lift the curse and make us great.

Rockets and meteors,

Lift the curse and make the country great.

Volcanos erupting,

Lift the curse and make the world great.

Evolving animals,

Lift the curse and make the Galaxy great.

The sounds of war,

Lifts the curse and makes the Universe great.

Our God have mercy on me,

Lift the curse and make reality great.


The Great History of the World


History history boring history, sometimes very fun. I come, I call, I fall down a well then it turns into a toilet. Flush the chain, falling down a drain into Italy. Romans roam the streets except the part that’s modern, the museum of horrors. Wild dogs in cages, animal bones scattered. No normal life in this museum. Wax-works’ moving horrors, zombies’ kiss oh yes. I run I run as fast as I can then fall back in time: Iron Age, Bronze Age, Stone Age, Jurassic season back to the beginning of the universe. Then forwards forwards forwards back to the Jurassic. I wonder what’s happening to me. I must be magic, dreaming, magic, living in a parallel dimension. I wake up, I think I’m back but I’m actually back with the Romans. Then I wake up, I’m in Victorian times. Finally I wake up again and now I know it’s all back to normal, the world has blessed it again.


By Jamie, 8


The Museum
The golden oldie's Bible,
bones found in a sewer.
Great ammonite fossils,
private yacht in the 1920s.
Deepest pooping hole!
Different ships from different dates,
jewellery found as well.
Pots and plates from the king's driveway
and Tiddles the cat's poor skeleton.
All from long ago -
lots of mysteries,
there couldn't be fewer.
Tori was about ten when this happened. Now since she was a werewolf she could smell the blood dripping from her tooth. Her fang had come out. She picked it up and put it in a jar and then took it out again. It had a magic glow about it. She closed her eyes... and then opened them. She was in her driveway! Wait, this wasn't her driveway! Just then something caught her eye - wasn't that a fragment of Mum's flowerpot??!!
by Rebecca, 10

Strange mechanism
Life preservers
Spooky skull and axe
Ghostly gallion, lighthouse light
Hack-saw and more

German medal
Control room
Prepare to meet your doom

Roman bronze coins
Spooky looking jugs
Big wheel from a church

And all of them are MINE!

Lost at Sea

George was an inventor. He invented machines with rope and sometimes nuts and bolts. There was this one invention, that one special machine that changed his life....for the worst - he invented a time machine.

"Come on then, back to 1787...the HMS Victory". The time machine whirred banged and then sparks flew out in every direction....it had landed. George opened the dark grey doors and stepped outside. Everywhere he looked he could see skulls. "Great", he thought, "I'm on a ship with cannibals"

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" a booming voice cried out.
"I'm George and you're stranded aren't you?"
 "How do you know"
"Because I'm from the future"
"Pirates, take him away" cried the booming voice

When George woke up from his unconsciousness he found himself tied to a pillar. "Any last words?" the captain gruffly said with his sword to George's neck.
"Three....I have supplies" said George.
There was a faint murmur of voices. "Where are the supplies?" asked the Captain.
"I'll show you if you untie me" George said.

The pirates untied him and George ran to his time machine.
"What are the chances of that" George said to himself and transported back home.
by Jake, 9


Boats passing by
Buttons flowing
Tiny me in the sky

Some little mice trying to be kind
Me just ignoring it, being unkind.

Light hazey night
Be good to find a friend.


Once upon a time there was a girl who lived far away in Turkey, her name was Ellie. She was a servant for the Romans. After seven years as a servant Ellie was nine, she was happy to leave the stone factory. Ellie stood in line. "Hands up for the king" said the Prince.

Ellie was so excited. "Yes" she shouted! Everyone cheered. The next night Ellie's father and her were sitting on the sandy beach by the port. When SPLASH a boat came whizzing past and washed them away! Ellie's mother heard what happened and cried.

That night Ellie and her father were washed up on the beach with a trunk of treasure, they were alive and her mother was so relieved and they lived happily ever after.

by Daisy Craig, 7