Half-term workshop - Found Poems and Stories

We had a fabulous time in half-term looking into the world around us to find inspiration for our poems and stories. We began by using magnetic poetry to warm up our imaginations and introduce ourselves to the group. Children worked individually or in pairs 'finding' weird and wonderful sentences in the words in front of them.

Caitie, 6, used the sentences as a starting point for her own story with intriguing and thought-provoking results:

My Story


My electric companion balanced gloriously and almost ate raw fight wood

soon different sculpture instruments I know bold liking loom dust

make friendship drink life of the dead I observe a funny green model

true story every night I hug my purple family his cool masterpiece

had the sweet-heart investigate protect that fiery angel through which word thing

my generous canvas water did make me very painty.



Each child then chose a (second-hand!) fictional text from a selection on the table. They flicked through the book until they found a page that looked interesting, and used highlighter pens to 'find' inspiring words and phrases on the page.

Josie, 6, used words  she'd found such as steam and dragon as a way in to her imaginative story:

A Test

Dragon’s steam dragon’s steam, envelopes coming out of the tip on the dragon’s tip on its tail. The dragon’s name was Priscilla. Priscilla found an ear and the ear somehow said “I’ve got a test for you”………. And the test was to find out who the ear belonged to. Priscilla had a plan. And the plan was at dead of night the dragon would fly round every house but the houses people lived in were actually pen-houses. Through the window she would look and see if anyone had only one ear. And in the first pen she came to one of the people who lived there had only one ear. So Priscilla went back to the other ear and said “I’ve found your owner” and the ear said “Hooray hooray”!!!



Our next challenge was to take clipboards and pens outside for a short walk around the pedestrianized area of Shoreham, all the time looking out for exciting language on notice-boards, shop-fronts etc. to be used in some way in a new poem or story.
Cassia, 11, worked hard to weave the words she found on our trip out into strange new combinations:

Dancing books

Tasty fear

Summer spice

Recycled wheel

Gold lego

Digital garden

Super bones

Open smile


After lunch children 'found' a postcard from a selection hidden round the room and explained to the group what had attracted them to that picture. Izzy, 8, was inspired by her picture to write a story, into which she wove many of the words encountered on the trip out.

Loonau (the moon goddess)

Chapter 1 - Loonau

The majestic goddess rised above the moon.  Her silver gown made of the finest moon dust wrapped her body up like a bundle of bubble wrap.  Her glamorous dress was just high enough for her silk worm heels to be shown.  From earth her appearance was a spirit but up close she was a flower to the arch and a star to the sky.  Her veil spread the night like a root.

Chapter 2 - Merging magic

Loonau the moon's defender had an important job.  Every night she would light up the moon like a candle and then bring peace to earth.  when dawn approached she would stand on the moon her one and only pride.  she would wait until the moons blaze burned out and then she would merge into the moon like smoke merging into the air.

Although Loonau was the moon's defender, the moon was Loonau's protector.  if Loonau couldn't merge into the moon then her soul would be burned out. Loonau had had many nightmares about her soul being burned out.  Just because Loonau was a goddess it didn't mean she wouldn't have nightmares.

Chapter 3 - No light in the moon

The  moon and sun were worst enemies.  the sun would often burn the moon and the moon would often sting the sun.  on the day before the full moon the sun was in a raging mood.   The sun tracked down the moon like a jaguar tacking down a gazel.  as you will know the sun burns the moon and that's just what the sun wanted.  meanwhile the sun had been building up extra light. the sun pounced at the moon letting out enormous masses of light.

Loonau the moon's defender gracefully emerged out of the moon to defend the moon itself.  But the sun had gained so much light that luna's soul was burned out so that the moon had no light.

Chapter 4 - Day forever - the moon didn't rise

That night the moon waited for Loonau to light him but Loonau didn't light him.  Loonau had lost her potential to be a goddess and she had lost her one and only pride.  although in time wise it was night, the sun was actually still shining like a golden wheel.  Loonau could hear the sun cackling from her old shack where she had been hiding before she became her true self Loonau, the moon goddess.  because Loonau was a goddess she also had friends that were goddesses.  loonau's best friend was Ashea who was the weather goddess.  when the moon didn't rise Ashea knew something was impossible wrong.  she  started searching for Loonau right away.   When Ashea found Loonau,  Loonau explained what was wrong.  Then suddenly Ashea remembered the Enchanting bead spinner which would bring back her potential.

Chapter 5 - Peace to Earth

Loonau dug like a dog until she found the bead spinner.  She spun the beads.  Loonau regained her true self - it was destiny.   Loonau lit the moon once agin.  Peace to the earth.  So Loonau is real she is not a myth.


Keeley, 8, used her picture as a spring-board for her own eerie story:

My Trip to the Cornfield

The first second I stepped on the mud it was rock hard and I walked up a little further and a flock of crows flew over me and I felt something wasn’t right, I shivered and felt very grumpy and the reason was Vincent Van Gogh. He had turned into a crow and I was so scared I ran and ran but just like magic the mud went slippery and squelchy when I stepped onto it and I slipped shivering with fear. There I lay covered in mud. Then I got up and went across a log to get to the other side of the river and the log turned into air and I fell in the water I was so scared I climbed up a tree hoping nothing would happen but the tree disappeared and I fell, it was really high high up so obviously I hurt myself then I got home with no more troubles.

For the rest of the afternoon the children worked hard on their writing, before sitting together at the end to read their work out to the group and receive feedback.  A big thank you to all the children for coming along, working hard and sharing their fascinating thoughts and ideas with us, and thank you to all the parents and carers for supporting our group.