Writing from our Easter Holiday Workshop

We had lots of fun during during our holiday workshop last week. We spent some time playing games to get to know each other, then warmed up our imaginations by remembering things we'd experienced on our journeys that morning, trying to find exciting and unusual language to describe what we'd seen, heard, smelt, tasted and touched. We then embarked on our walk out into the freezing cold, stopping in the graveyard to look at the trees and creating characters for them, then spending some time in the pedestrianised area imagining we were one of the shops and taking notes on how we might feel and what secrets we might know about the passers-by. Back at the workshop space the children worked very hard on their writing and came up with some really impressive pieces of work.

The Pear Tree

By Jamie Heather (age 8)


People just laugh and stare at me. They think I’m just a silly old tree.

When it comes it’s just no fun — the winter freeze, not a gentle breeze.

It freezes me and knocks off my leaves, and puts them in a prison of ice just to melt away. So many souls depend on me, but they think I’m just a tree. When I die they say: ‘Hooray! Now we can plant our beautiful flowers.’ But when my cousin comes up tall and straight he will remember me.

When it comes it’s just no fun — the winter freeze, not a gentle breeze.

It freezes my food and makes my friends wilter. I think I’m the only tree in the world.

One day a nice boy came to me and said: ‘Look, tree, here’s a deal. I plant all around you, and you make me a beautiful pear’. I say: ‘Yes, of course. Just plant those trees’. The boy planted the trees, and I made him a beautiful pear. The trees grew and grew; then I had company.

When it comes it’s just no fun — the winter freeze, not a gentle breeze.

It buries me in snow and freezes up my leaves.

When it comes it’s just no fun — the winter freeze, not a gentle breeze.
Outside the Shoreham Centre
by Daisy Craig, age 6

Bristling wind going through my body and making me shiver
As I put my gloves on, spikes of ice falling on my head freezing cold freezing me up
The clock ticking while we walk past
Flowers dying and falling onto the gentle soil
The grass creeping
The trees warm
Big stone statues standing like a soldier
Creepy ghost people tickling us
My heart breaking of crackly ice and melting
I was freezing without a blanket
We walked through the long grass
I snuggled up with the grass so I was warm
I walked home
I had the most lovely time
Said Daisy


Outside the Shoreham centre but mixed with something else.


by Isabella Mason-Iran, age 7


When I was inside it was all dull. I was sitting in the lounge gazing out at the door. Suddenly I had an idea….. I rushed out! The rhythm was playing in my head! As I got it wasn’t at all dull. All the beautiful pollen, delightful….! Oh! It was snowing! (Well it wasn’t snowing but it was FREEZZING!). Sorry about the shouting…! It was like invisible, cold, icy people tickling my skin. The pebbles were frosted up like a snowman had spat out pieces of snow on them! I slipped and skidded. Then my mum of a terror… (Well kind of a terror) called me in for my dinner. I took it outside but as soon as my fork dug in, I picked up a frozen sausage. “AAAAh!” I shrieked. But it wouldn’t make the sausage fly away would it now. AS I walked into the graveyard, I saw a weeping birch with dangling reddish vines swooping all around me. The graves said: Eliza Jane. Elizabeth Billock and William simmons next to Edward Layzell.


The Poem of the Journey

by Miya Otsuka, age 7

Walking back from school I saw a little public flower bed, but I thought it was boring just to say to my dad that I just saw that.

All my friends could make that story. So why not change that story into something new. Maybe a royal guard guarding the flower bed!

Now that’s no story even my friend could beat! But let’s add something for extra! Something amazing hmmm……Maybe we could have a guard and a gold fence around the (Public) flower bed! Now that’s a story even my friend couldn’t beat!

Going back to my house I saw the graveyard….A boring old graveyard wouldn’t make a story. I need something brilliant something new! Maybe just maybe we could add something new? Hmmm let’s see…. Of course! This should do! Maybe a little river going swiftly through the tombs….Now that’s a story no one could beat! But still something for extra….. Snowdrops would make it pretty! But just then I saw a gravestone that said…. Elizabeth’s the 1st’s tomb! Now that’s wired! So let’s put the snowdrops around Queen Elizabeth’s the 1st’s tomb (just to be nice.) Now that’s a story no one could beat!