Writing from our Life-lines Workshop

We began our workshop with the name of a character from a children's story on our forehead, and asked questions with yes/no answers to try and guess who we were! We then warmed up our imaginations by doodling on paper and looking for interesting shapes and patterns, before moving on to the main part of the workshop - creating outlines of our bodies on paper and thinking about these as maps of our lives. After the break we each chose a part of our bodies and gave that part a voice, coming up with some original and imaginative pieces of work.
A leg's life

I never relax.
I'm always busy.
I've had loads of accidents.
This is a list:
I was on a type of skateboard and she fell off
And I skidded on the ground.
I felt hurt and she shouldn't of taken that risk.
Oh, I mustn't forget the bruises I've had.
My friend the ankle got itself in a twist,
that wasn't a nice day.

Now that was right leg. This is left leg.
Well, not a lot has been going on for lefty.
Lefty just had a cut from a kitten.
Now she has learnt her lesson.
Cute but deadly.

When she was one
She learnt to walk.
It was fun at first
But we didn't know what was coming.
All the accidents I have had.
I still can't believe we've got through.

I love my hair.
It's not clothes to wear.
Lots of people say my hair is beautiful
because of the colour.
Well, it is red now but you should of seen it
When I was young.
It was as red as blood.
by Alex, 10
I am the arms
you can see my muscle
big or small
strong or weak
I climb a lot
your arms go v to the knee 1 2 3
climbing needs
your arms
without me
you could not climb
I am very busy
because I do a lot of sport
tennis is fun
even better in the sun
I move a lot like
jump, skip and run
in football you
move very fast
your knee joint
moves up and down
my ankle got twisted
when I was younger
I fell down a step
oh no I'm hurt
We are inside the mouth
we are called teeth
you need us to eat
Brush us regualy
to keep us clean
we are the white
squares in your mouth
Toung is
helping you chew
in your mouth there is
taste buds you
now can taste lots of food
by Cassia, 10

I Stink, Literally
Stupid eyes. When we were in those lovely, warm skates the eyes just HAD to blink, miss the twig and twist leftie. And that was on SUNDAY! The others say we stink, but we don't care. Especially when that fluffy little bunny is sniffing at us! Leftie still hurts, but we'll survive!
We heard that!
Well we are sorry!!?? (not!) What would you do if you were getting dry? You would blink wouldn't you???! 
by Rebecca, 10
Bone Family
My body is for me and my bone family.
But my part, the arm, is only for me
because it's my true history.
When the body was three or four
I heard a click, then I heard no more.
Inside of me, my relative had cracked.
Now I've got a cast on me.
Two years later, another blast.
Oh! Who next? It's great old Grandma.
Luckily only a fracture
but still, I don't know how.
Another year, hopefully it's one of the last
and now it's Aunty Bone. What happens?
An operation. I was asleep after it
but I was awoken by a scream.
Oh no, it was the whole body.
A thought came to my mind,
who was it that did the crime?
Another thought popped again
then I realised it was me, I control the right arm.
My bone family did forgive
and now I am more careful than ever.
But whatever happens ahead, I will never forget!
by Hannah, 10
My Body
This is my body,
very sensitive.
Always doing a hobby
So it can live!
Part 1: My Head
My head is shaped like an oval ball,
My hair spreads neatly as it grows long.
When I cry, the tears fall.
When my brain gets a message it goes ping-pong!
Part 2: My Eyes
My eyes are staring from left to right.
Also looking up and down.
When they see something they glow and light.
Looking at the sky, looking at the ground.
Part 3: My Mouth
Always gobbling funny old things.
It will have nothing to say,
Soon it's gonna say everything.
Filling up the whole day!
Part 4: My Nose
Stuffed up with all horrible things,
Green small balls.
I wish they would fly out with wings,
But there's a big one which is a wall!
by Isabella, 7