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TNT Financial Transparency (Minnesota)

posted Feb 21, 2011, 8:03 PM by The Tibetan Political Review

To promote transparency, TPR invites campaign updates from all candidates.

From Friends of TNT - Minnesota

The Life in Exile documentary was screened by Friends of Tenzin Namgyal Tethong (Minnesota) at the Tibetan Community Cultural Center of Minnesota on Sunday, February 13.  More than a hundred people came to watch this remarkable journey of a person who not only witnessed history but who also took an active part in it all his adult life to help make it a success story.  This poignant and personal tale straight from Tenzin Namgyal Tethong’s own experience as a young boy growing up in exile and adapting to the life of a refugee, showed a world that was turned upside down, and the early beginnings of the Tibetan Government-in-exile, settlements, schools and organizations.  It was humbling for the audience to not only learn more about Tenzin Namgyal Tethong as a candidate and as a person but also on the early history of the Tibetan diaspora.
We would like to thank all our community members who attended our event that evening and for the financial contributions they made towards the campaign. 

Total income:  $2137

Total expenditure
Food expense:  $251.27 
Community Hall Rental:  $480.00         
Projector Rental Fee:  $25.00 
Flyers and Posters:  $84.79  
50 DVD copies of Life In exile:  $29.97 
AV wire for projector:  $16.05 
TNT-MN Meeting refreshments:  $25.19 
Western Union Fee:  $25
(for donation to Youth4TNT Bangalore)



Youth4TNT - Bangalore:  $1099.7

Late Jigme Norbu la's Walk for Tibet (via RTYC-MN): $100




Friends of Tenzin Namgyal Tethong - Minnesota

We would also like to report that the expenses incurred from Tenzin Namgyal Tethong's lecture in Minnesota on November 26, 2010, which includes hall rental, plane ticket, posters/flyers, projector rental, car rental (travel from Minnesota to Wisconsin), grocery (dinner for attendees), were covered from donations received from our community members during the event.  We would like to thank all our community members who attended the event that day and for their financial contribution towards the campaign.  Thukje'Che!