Kunga Thinley's Response

By Kunga Thinley
North American Chitue candidate
New York, USA 

Response to TPR in Lieu of Answers to "10 Questions"

Kunga for Chithue Campaign Manifesto

Pledges to Tibetans of North America

  1. Long term vision

    As envisioned by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, our democratic political system is the core foundation for the Tibetan people's long term survival and struggle into the future.  The Tibetan Parliament is the highest legislative organ of our nation in exile and the heart of our democracy.  Therefore, I will ensure that the Tibetan Parliament recognizes its crucial role.  I will ensure that your voice within the Parliament is used to ensure that legislations keep the long term struggle of the Tibetan people in sight while dealing effectively with current challenges. 

  1. Unity over division

    We are at a critical juncture in the Tibetan people's history when our entire nationality is severely threatened with systematic annihilation by China.  An effective Parliament is essential to ensure that the entire Tibetan people stand united at this crucial time.  I will do everything I can to ensure that the Parliament unites rather than divides, and puts the common interest before petty regionalism or sectarianism. 

  1. Progress over politics

    As a core pillar of our democracy in exile, I will stand ready as your Chithue representative to hold the Tibetan Government’s executive to account on the basis of the merits of their policies, standing for progress over politics.  However, I will ensure that the privilege of a voice in Parliament is used respectfully without losing sight of the fact that ultimately, the legislature and the executive, and indeed, the entire Tibetan people stand united in advancing towards our common goal. 

  1. A strong voice of integrity

    As the representative of the Tibetan community of North America, I pledge to always act with impartiality, integrity and passion to ensure that you have a strong voice of integrity within the Tibetan Parliament to share your hopes and concerns through.   

  1. Our special responsibility

    Concurrently, I will continue to speak out within our community about our special responsibility given the particular opportunities that we enjoy in North America.  Despite the important contributions we make to the wider Tibetan cause and the global Tibetan community, I believe that there is much more that we can and must do.  I will also continue to discuss with you ways that we can address the particular challenges facing our communities including maintaining our Tibetan language, culture and identity while furthering the socioeconomic advancement of our communities within the wider societies in which we live.