MWA and Rangzen

posted Sep 14, 2015, 8:04 PM by The Tibetan Political Review
By Tsering Topgyal (Montreal)

 Dear Editors:

Supporters of Lobsang Sangay always remind me of a quote from Richard Dawkins 
"A delusion is something that people believe in despite a total lack of evidence." 

Our Sikyong's clearly stated position is : NO INDEPENDENCE FOR TIBET & NO DEMOCRACY FOR THE TIBETANS IN TIBET and yet we constantly hear from his supporters that the Sikyong is fighting for FREEDOM!

I have a hard time understanding their concept of Freedom and I also wonder how Lobsang Sangay has gotten away with the "no democracy for Tibetans in Tibet" statement.

It may be hard for his supporters to understand but our culture, tradition, and religion has a better chance of surviving in exile than in the Tibet that the Sikyong is proposing.

We have absolute control of our culture, tradition, and religion in exile as we enjoy the Freedom that our host country affords us in a democratic society; the Tibet that the Sikyong had proposed does not afford us that luxury. The Sikyong's Tibet is a land without democracy and the person running the Autonomous region will be hand picked by China.

It pains me immensely with how easily our people have given up Rangzen; it befuddles me that this Sikyong and the PRC with the exception of the size of territory have so much in common in every aspect of the future status of Tibet.

And now supporters of Rangzen also remind me of another common quote: "you cannot have your cake and eat it too."  They believe that they can tackle Rangzen without having to confront His Holiness.

History has taught us that achieving Independence does not come without major sacrifices, if Rangzen is your cup of tea....then it's " show me " time. Have the courage to face Kundun otherwise it's just another cool slogan "RANGZEN".

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