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Open Letter from Shenpenn Khymsar

posted Jan 1, 2018, 6:12 PM by The Tibetan Political Review
To all Tibetan Elitists, Pseudo-Activists and Status-Quo Preservers in Gangkyi

I speak to my fellow Tibetans today, having felt compelled to address our people directly, and bring attention to our disturbing political status. I have grave concerns for Tibetans and for the future of Tibet. I feel that if I do not lend my voice to the grave urgency of our current situation, no one else may speak frankly and honestly.

It is high time for patriotic and like-minded Tibetans to join me in expressing their fears and anxieties. My Buddhist values, my conscience, and my Tibetanness does not allow me to sit comfortably on the sidelines. For the sake of six million Tibetans and our noble cause I want to speak candidly about the disaster that is the Central Tibetan Administration, which was not too long ago our Exile Government. Those of us who consider ourselves honest and unafraid must speak out and be heard, without fearing "their" retaliation or intimidation. We must address the current crisis that we Tibetans are facing, without hesitation or self-censorship.

We as Tibetans know that our people and our cause are facing major threats, both internally and externally. There has been a systematic fragmentation of the Tibetan political movement, brought about by the misleading falsehoods of pseudo-politicians and opportunists.

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