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meet kelly
hello world.  i'm kelly lynch-stange - editor in chief of this ridiculous rambling of randomness.  
during the day, i'm reppin' the best city and the freshest mayor around.  
by night, i'm holding down the fort with the two coolest people i know.  
i love interior design, specifically modern furnishings, vintage treasures & the quirky, meaningful objects that make a house a home.
i have an incredible daughter, a dream come true husband and an obsession with the following things:  
boots, fresh flowers, tea light candles, black & white stripes and rap music.
this blog started as a way for my husband and i to document our DIY projects while renovating a 100 year old home.  
it has grown into a place where we talk about our lives together and share the things we like and do.  
sometimes we talk about restaurants. sometimes we talk about renovation.  sometimes we just ramble. 

we live in kansas city, mo.  and we're really happy you stopped by our little spot on the map.  
this is 26 east - and you're headed in our direction.  

meet evan
this is my husband husband, evan.  and i think he's pretty boss.  
a handyman at heart and a true artist to the core.
i'm convinced there is nothing he can't do. 
he's a health care IT consultant by day and the answer to the prayers i say at night. 
we met in february of 2008  in a crazy twist of fate - you can read about it here
he was the driving force - and majority of muscle- behind the vision for this house. 
(i took a little more convincing at first) 
but ever since we bought it, he has entertained my wacky whims and preposterous plans. 
and together we've made a house a home. 
he loves good craft beer, creative photography, big power tools and thinks everything is better with cheese on it. 
when it comes to projects, he's usually the man in charge and from time to time you'll hear from him. 

meet alex
this is my daughter, alex and she's the coolest kid on earth. 
she's never met a stage or spotlight she didn't like or an animal she didn't think we should bring home. 
she loves to draw, to dance and to dream of all the ways she'll take over the world some day. 
i believe every crazy thing she says - 
and i am confident she knows just enough to be dangerous. 
it'll be a while before you ever hear from her -
 but she'll certainly make her presence known.

meet andre & meatball 
words can't do them justice.
you kind of just have to see them to believe the insanity.