26 (2011)


Introductory Letter from Editor PDF

E. L. Risden

Recollections of Medievalism PDF

Gwendolyn Morgan

Them Philogists: Philogical Practices and their Discontents from Nietzsche to Cerquiglini PDF

Richard Utz

Really Ancient Druids in British Medievalist Drama PDF

Clare Simmons

Neomedievalisms in Tom Phillips' Commedia Illustrations PDF

Karl Fugelso

Some Contributions to Middle-Earth Lexicography: Hapax legomena in The Lord of the Rings PDF

Jason Fisher

The World of Warcraft: A Medievalist Perspective PDF

Simon Roffey

Arthur, Beowulf, Robin Hood, and Hollywood's Desire for Origins PDF

William Hodapp

The Arthurian Landscapes of Guy Gavriel Kay PDF

M. J. Toswell