17 (2002)


Jesse G. Swan & Richard Utz

Introduction PDF

Hannah Johnson

The Saint in the Photograph: Sister Marie Gabriel and Another New Middle Ages PDF

Mike McKeon

The Postmodern Subject in Early Christian Catacomb Painting PDF

Anna Kowalcze

Disregarding the Text: Postmodern Medievalisms and the Readings of John Gardner's Grendel PDF

Laura Morowitz

'Une Guerre Sainte Contre l'Académisme:' Louis Courajod, The Louvre, and the Barbaric Middle Ages PDF

Sandra Ballif Straubhaar

A Birth Certificate for Sweden, Packaged for Postmoderns: Jan Guillou's Templar Trilogy PDF

Susan Rochette-Crawley

Wholly Ghosts: Genre, Postmodern Transubstantiations, and Flannery O'Connor's 'The Enduring Chill' PDF

David Lampe

'The Accuracies of My Impressions:' Mark Twain, Ford Madox Ford, and Michael Crichton Re-Imagine Chivalry PDF

Liliana Sikorska

Mapping the Green Man's Territory in Lindsay Clarke's 'The Chymical Wedding' PDF

A. Keith Kelly

Medieval Movie Madness Hailey Haffey, Dualistic Particulars: How Mystical and Metaphysical Literatures Demand Differentiation of Erotic Profanities PDF

Alissa Stickler

The (Mid)Evil Nightmare of Yesterday and Tomorrow: Flagg as the Immortal Monster in Stephen King's 'The Eyes of the Dragon and The Stand' PDF