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Welcome to the home of The Volsung Vikings. 

We are the York based branch of 'The Vikings' National re-enactment society.
We are an up and coming group of re-enactors, who specialise in dark-age (790ad - 1066ad) Viking and Saxon ages and ways of life.

Our aim is to bring history alive by accurately presenting the culture, warfare and day to day life of this period through displays of combat, living history and saga-telling. We try to make this a fun and entertaining experience for our audiences who are encouraged to ask questions or 'have a go' with much of the equipment and facilities we provide.

We attend many of the major history fairs that are relevant to our specific time period around the UK. 

We also provide educational visits to schools and local groups as well as extras for film and television.

If you are interested in what we do or would like to join us, then please contact our

Group leader Andy Mckie: andymckie@hotmail.co.uk

Or visit one of our shows.