The Tween Scene: A Year of Programs for 10-14-Year Olds

Libraries often have great programs for younger children and older teens, but what about those who are in the middle?
Bridge the gap with these tested and tweaked stand-alone tween programs.
Do you find our program ideas and outlines helpful? 
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January: The Amazing Race: Library Edition
              Fiesta in the Biblioteca!
                         Chocolate, Chocolate Everywhere
February:  Is the Price Right?
                Anti-Valentines Day Party
March: Library Iron Chef
April: Mythbusters
         Party Like An April Fool!
May: Manga Mania
        Greek Out!
June: Harry Potter Potions
July: Evidence Hunter
              TWIG (Tween Interest Group)
                Jungle Boogie Band Hero Tournament
August: Relic Hunter
September: Mother-Daughter Book Club 
                   Back to School Bash
                   Happy Birthday to Hobbits
October: Urban Legends
              Haunted Library
November: Please purchase our book to find out!
December: CSI at the Library
                  Happy Holidaze