Here are some of the things that people are saying about The Speculative Edge:
"An interesting and intense journey. Physically I read 93 pages but mentally I read 279 pages. Even though not every section aroused my interest, I must confess that The Speculative Edge is a well excecuted magazine... The Speculative Edge gets two thumps up from me." ~ Edi (Reviewer Edi's Book Lighthouse)
"The tone set by the editor and the reviewers is just like I personally like it; clever and witty... Naturally, Speculative Edge gets the thumbs up from me." ~ Joe Crowe (Reviewer RevolutionSF)
"The interviews are informative, interesting and they covered a wide range of topics... a really great reading experience. The short fiction is captivating and enthralling... Overall, I would say this is a great magazine. I know I will certainly be looking at what they have in their upcoming issues and giving them a read." ~ Jenny (Reviewer Madsheep Reading) 
"If you're looking for a speculative magazine that you can get on your e-reader on the cheap (from $1.99 to $2.99 per issue), then check out The Speculative Edge." Logan Stewart (Reviewer Rememorandom)