Mighty Girls

Sabrina and Daphne are mighty girls. They think for themselves,
are true to themselves and try to make the world a better place.
Check out the books and websites below to learn about some
other mighty girls (and women).

A Mighty Girl

The site that gave this page its name, A Mighty Girl reviews a huge selection of books, movies, clothing and more, all for strong and courageous girls. The themed booklists and character collections shouldn't be missed!

Smart Girls at the Party

Smart Girls at the Party is an online digital series that encourages girls to change the world by being themselves. Founded by the funny and fabulous Amy Poehler,  it features interviews, musical skits, an advice section and more! Watch the videos, and join in the fun!

Chelsea House Biographies Online

Chelsea House is an online database with biographies on women of achievement. Click on the picture to read them.

The Lincoln Library FactCite
The Lincoln Library FactCite database also has many great biographies on notable women. Click on the logo to read them.

Check out these tales of amazing women throughout history.
You can find them on the library shelves.

No Girls Allowed: Tales of Daring Women Dressed as Men for Love, Freedom and Adventure
by Susan Hughes
Women have not always been allowed to do the same things as men or even be in control of their own destinies. This graphic novel tells the true stories of some brave women and girls who wanted to take fate into their own hands: to marry who they wanted to, to have daring adventures and to become powerful rulers. The only way that they could do these things was to make people believe that they were men!

Whether they are going over Niagara Falls in a barrel or wrestling with tigers, some women have a taste for danger. The performers in this book were doing stunts at a time when women were expected to just be wives and mothers. Their nerve and self-confidence was inspiring to those around them and are still a thrill today.

Lives of Extraordinary Women showcases the lives of women who have been in power and tells you all the interesting facts about what they were really like. In this book, you'll find twenty of the most influential women in history from queens to revolutionary leaders and what made them famous...or notorious.

Not all pirates were men. In fact, some of the greatest pirates ever known were women. This rousing collection of tales showcases the lives and misdeeds of over a dozen thieving, pillaging and swashbuckling lady pirates.
History books are cram-packed full of stories about the brave men who contributed to America's fight for independence. What you might not know is that there were many women who helped the cause as well, by fighting, spying and performing other useful tasks. This book, wonderfully illustrated by Matt Faulkner, tells some of their tales.

The Sky's the Limit: Stories of Discovery by Women and Girls by Catherine Thimmesh
From astronomers to archaeologists, these women and girls had their eyes on the world around them. This books contains the stories of incredible discoveries that have changed the way we see science, history and culture.

Spanning over 200 years of American history, this book features 20 feisty women who fought for justice and social change. These women made great strides in the abolition movement, getting women the right to vote, civil rights and more. The civil action tips and resources in the back of the book give you pointers on how you can stand up for what is right and make a difference like these amazing women.

For each letter of the alphabet, this book contains one story about an amazing woman who made an impact. The illustrations take aspects of each woman's life to create a picture of strength and spirit.