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REPUBLIKEIN Namibian fisheries minister claims seals are damaging environment

NEW ERA Hands off our seals (badly researched and full of errors. Government tabloid)

THE CHRONICLE HERALD Sealers to activists: Leave us alone

HUFFINGTON POST Seal pup comes home. Conservation success story

THE CUTTING EDGE Hatem Yavuz - King of seal killers

3NEWS Scientists find no radiation in sick ringed seals

THE ECONOMIST Seal rebels encounter resistance (pro cull letter to editor)

INFORMANTE Namibia: Seal slaughter deters us from visiting

AUCKLAND NOW Seal bashers sentenced

GREEN PROPHET Hatem Yavuz is king of the seal killers

iNAMIBIA Ombudsman: No stalling on seal report

CBC NEWS Seal Hunt ice conditions improving

NEW ERA Seals of Nam activists are rebels without a cause (pro-cull letter to editor)

THE AUSTRALIAN Robotic seals bopping post tsunami blues in Japan

NAMIBIAN SUN Esau defends quota's

ALLAFRICA.COM Namibia: Seal Protesters plead for ITB Boycott

ALGEMEINE ZEITUNG The Seals Of Nam call for Namibia boycott of ITB BERLIN

THE SEALS OF NAM Response to proposed seal hunt in Japan

VEGAN SOCIETY Japan to start seal hunting in Hokkaido

ALLAFRICA.COM Namibia: Esau wants local fish brand

MARKETWIRE Top scientists call for end of Canadian seal hunt

THE NAMIBIAN Civil servants too busy with porn

THE TELEGRAM Controversy swirls around "Seal Day"

HUFFINGTON POST Seal Hunt Canada - Fur pins wont revive a dead industry

THE CHRONICLE HERALD Hay Island seal hunt prospects bleak for 2012 

DAILY TELEGRAPH New Zealand fur seal spooks cows in paddock 15km inland

CBC NEWS Processors may be funded to stockpile seal products

THE SEATTLE TIMES $10 000 reward offered in sea-lion killings

INFORMANTE Greed knows no bounds. Namibia's wealthy cash in on fishing quotas

TORONTO SUN MP stands by comments on Canada seal hunt

CBC NEWS Time to consider ending seal hunt, MP Cleary says

MONGABAY Critically endangered Hawaiian Monk seals bludgeoned to death

MIRROR UK Shark Attack: British victim was saved by a seal

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Baby Harp seals crushed and drown amid melting ice

MAIL AND GUARDIAN Climate change sparks urgent call to end Canada Seal Hunt

EARTH ISLAND JOURNAL Ethical Traveler drops Namibia due to ongoing seal hunt

MAIL ONLINE Seals with damaged flippers and hair loss dying from Fukushima radiation

MARKETWIRE Death knell for Canadian hunt. Russia bans import of seal products

GEORGE HERALD Slaughter of seals continues unabated

THE TELEGRAPH Cape Town on shark alert after dead seal pups wash ashore

THE NAMIBIAN Nujomo - Spanish relationship untenable

EYE WITNESS NEWS Seal beaching not uncommon

EYE WITNESS NEWS Hundreds of dead seals wash up onto Cape Town beaches

THE NAMIBIAN Govt corruption bigger than crime and fraud says world bank

THE NAMIBIAN Seal cull petitioned

NAMIBIAN SUN Spain emptying Namibia's fishing basket

THE NAMIBIAN Esau ups the seal cull concessionaires from 3 to 4

FHM Full article on seal mission

FHM Sealed off

ECORAZZI Sea Shepherd gets cozy with Animal Planet. Seal Wars?

PLANET OCEAN ALLIANCE If Turkey enters EU what will it mean for the seals?

NEW INTERNATIONALIST Seal slaughter on skeleton coast

NEW ERA Fisheries minister violates treasuries act

THE NAMIBIAN Blame the Spanish, not the seals

BLOOMBERG Namibia sets seal cull at 86 000 to protect fishing

NAMIBIAN SUN Namibia's fishing sector commercially exploited

THE NAMIBIAN Spain's hake appetite threatens Namibia's most valuable fish

IOL NEWS How two men and a seal saved a shark victim

ALLAFRICA.COM Tourism sector following seal debate closely
REPUBLIKEIN Cape Fur Seals in Namibia - by an "expert" (ie total idiot)

ALL AFRICA.COM Tourism sector following seal debate closely 

REPUBLIKEIN Wetenskap sal die kompas rig

SEA SHEPEHRD Sea Shepherd meets the voice of Namibian people

THE NAMIBIAN Seal census to be conducted

NEW ERA Ombudsman convenes seal indaba

ALL AFRICA.COM Ombudsman convenes seal indaba

INVESTIGATIVE ZIM Namibian seal harvest proceeds against wave of protests

MARKET WATCH IFAW to attend seal hunt stakeholders meeting 

INFORMANTE Transparency in seal culling please

PRIME FOCUS MAGAZINE Animal activists call for boycott

BEELD Boikot Namibie weens robbe se Storm en Kie

PLANET OCEAN ALLIANCE Report to ombudsman to support anti seal cull mediations

BYM MARINE ENVIRONMENT NEWS Is Namibia resolve to slaughter seals eroding?

NAMIBIA OPEN FORUM Baby seals being bludgeoned to death

THE NAMIBIAN Ombudsman to host seal meeting

ABC ACTION NEWS Leona Lewis calls for an end to seal cull

CONTACTMUSIC.COM Leona Lewis calls for an end to Namibian seal hunt

YUBANET.COM  Study confirms Namibian seal watching worth 300 x more than seal hunt

PRNEWSWIRE New study shows seals are wanted alive - not dead,

BIKYAMASR (Namibia's seals better off alive)

INFORMANTE (Open letter to Parliamentary Standing Committee on Economics)

THE EXAMINER (Francois Hugo rants at Namibia)

iNAMIBIA (Seal culling - boycott is not the way forward)

99 FM (Radio interview with Pat Dickens, founder of The Seals of Nam)

INFORMANTE (a case for the international criminal court)

iNAMIBIA (Ombudsman-  seals not endangered)

THE ECONOMIST (Citizens need to know)

NAMIBIA OPEN FORUM (Namibia to face a full onslaught of international boycotts)

THE NAMIBIAN (More seals to die next year)

AFRICA REVIEW (Namibia's seal hunt saga continues)

NAMIBIA OPEN FORUM (is the seal cull a front for smuggling diamonds)

ECORAZZI (Seal Wars: Is animal Planet Prepping Another Sea shepherd Series?)

ALLVOICES.COM (Sea Shepherd targets the biggest seal slaughter in the world)

NEWS 24 (Group caught exposing Namibian 'seal cull')

NAMIBIAN TOURS (Namibia's Seal Cull May Cost More Than Expected)

THE NAMIBIAN  (Seal Culling Exposed to the World)

99 fm (interview with Pete Bethune from Earth Race Conservation)

THE BIG ISSUE (Seal Culling Protesters on the War Path over Namibia's Bloody Business)

THE EXAMINER (Seal clubbing bloodbath continues -bribes and corruption suspected)

NAMIBIA TOURS (Spying on seal cull will not be tolerated)

NAMIBIA OPEN FORUM (Gagging the media to cover up the seal cull)

THE NAMIBIAN (Leave National Security out of It)

THE NAMIBIAN (Namibia could pay heavy price for seal cull)

AFRICA REVIEW (Give us options on seal culling, Namibia tells lobbyists)

THE NAMIBIAN (Seal filming a 'threat to safety')

NAMIBIAN SUN (secret sealharvest filming discovered at Cape Cross)

New Era (Police thwart anti seal culling film plot)

Africa Review (Give us options on the cull Esau tells lobbyists)

THE NAMIBIAN (seal filming a threat to sovereignty!)

AFRICA REVIEW (desperate journalists hide cameras in bid to film annual hunt)

DIE REPULIEKEN (German) (seal spies discovered)

DAILY NATION (Namibia warns on spying over seal cull)

UK MIRROR (Namibia is sealing its fate)

FIS WORLD NEWS (upcoming talks to examine humane slaughter)

Consultancy Africa (Hit the baby one more time. Namibia in league of its own)

The Namibian (Rights groups call for a boycott of Nam products)

Mail and Guardian (Animal rights groups urge Namibia Boycott)

News 24 (Animal rights groups boycott Namibia)

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