The Horrors

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NAMIBIA- Responsible for the worlds largest, most brutal and cruel hunt!!

Unlike the seals targeted by the commercial Canadian seal massacre, the Namibian seal has much greater locomotive abilities. These seals will attempt to run away and can run almost as fast as a man, even over rough terrain. When they are being beaten to death, they take evasive action. Several blows are typically landed before the animal is rendered dead or unconscious. Since the EU and Russia have banned the import of Canadian skins, the Namibian seal "cull" has become the largest slaughter of wildlife on earth. It is for these reasons that the Namibian hunt is considered the most brutal of all seal hunts. 
 Please note, the footage in these clips  portrays graphic violence and was filmed on location. Viewer discretion is advised 

Why the Namibia seal hunt is the cruelest.

85 000 baby seals savagely beaten to death

Listen to the babies cry!

Journalist attacked and beaten for filming

Repeatedly beaten. Stabbed alive.







Images from a variety of internet sources

Hatem Yavuz -- The man responsible.

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