Weddell Seal

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Weddell Seals (Leptonychotes Weddellii) get their name from the 19th century sealer, Captain James Weddell. These seals were targeted as a source of food for sled dogs during the early stages of Antarctic exploration. This practice is no longer continued since, as with other Antarctic seals, protection is given by way of the Convention for the Conservation of Antarctic Seals Weddell Seals are stealthy hunters and can approach to within a few feet of cod without disturbing them. Depleted food reserves due to over-fishing of krill as well as the effects of global warming continue to be a threat to these animals survival. They are also preyed upon by Leopard Seals and Orca.

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Weddell Seal and pup.

Cute Weddell Seal pup.

Cuteness overload! 

Adult Weddell Seal.

Weddell Seal under ice.

A pair of Weddell Seals foraging.

A female Weddell Seal takes her youngster on one of its first dives.