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Many people are under the incorrect assumption that a seal is a seal is a seal. Well, just as there are different types of whales (Blue Whales, Humpback Whales, Southern Right Whales etc) so too are there different types of seals. This section of our website serves as a resource tool for those of you wanting to know more about the fascinating world of PINNIPEDS. 

There are 33 species and several sub-species of Pinnipeds (from the latin pinna, wing or fin; and ped, meaning foot) They are a widely distributed and diverse group of semi-aquatic mammals comprising of the families Otariidae (Eared Seals, including Sea-lions and Fur Seals) Phocidae (Earless Seals or True Seals) and Odobenidae (The Walrus)  

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Family: Otariidae 

Family: Odobenidae  

Family: Phocidae