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"The Seals of Nam" is a global initiative that had its humble beginnings in mid 2010. Founded by well known South African animal rights campaigner, Pat Dickens, "The Seals of Nam" aims to unite interested parties to bring the stench of the Namibian seal massacre to the nostrils of an indignant world. 

Initially nothing more than a pipe dream, Pat took on the the project with the guts and determination of a true warrior. He resigned from his job in the corporate world and set about the task of raising awareness. Through his dedicated efforts, and in the face of immense opposition, through trials and tribulations, Pat  worked towards getting the plight of the Cape Fur Seals in Namibia the recognition they deserve. 

Today, "The Seals of Nam" is recognised as being on the forefront of the battle to end the Namibian hunt. Our successes can no longer be attributed to just one man, but to a multitude of respected organizations and a broad cross section of individuals.

Through the collaborative efforts of many, "The Seals of Nam" has garnered the support of celebrities, had representatives appearing on National television networks, been guests on radio shows and staged successful demonstrations against the Namibian hunt in several leading international cities. We have generated major petitions, had news articles printed in local and international media, provided logistical support  to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and even appeared before the Namibian Government along with major industry players such as IFAW, Seal Alert SA, WSPA and others. 

We will continue to fight for an end of the Namibian hunt. We believe it to be unsustainable, illegal, immoral, uneconomical and a violation of human rights as well as basic animal welfare standards. 

We encourage other organizations to join us in our initiative, to set aside any differences and to put up a united front against the atrocities that are perpetuated on the Cape Fur Seals. 
If you are an official representative and would like to involve YOUR organization, please do so by sending us an E-mail We would love to have you on board as the stronger our coalition becomes, the better our chances at putting an end to the brutal practice of seal clubbing.

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Newborn Cape Fur Seal
Quota's of 80 000 of these little guys are set each year in Namibia. They are beaten to death with pick handles. This is an utter disgrace, barbarity in the extreme. 
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