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USA Atlantic and Gulf Shells

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Pacific Northwest Shells - The Pacific Northwest Shell Club's website includes photographs and in-depth information about mollusks and sea life found in the waters from the central Oregon coast to southeast Alaska.

Pacific Northwest Shells & Marine Life

Hawaiian Shells

Hawaiian Marine Shell Reference Collection - This collection, housed at The University of Hawaii Museum Anthropology Department, is fairly comprehensive for much of the shell midden material found in Hawaiian sites. Digital imaging of the specimens was completed in 2010.

Hawaiian Marine Shell Reference Collection

Keoki Stender's Marine Life Photography

Hawaiian Bivalves

Hawaiian Gastropods

Selected Worldwide Shells

World Register of Marine Species - WoRMS, the most authoritative updated list of names of all marine species.

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Sources to Help You Identify Your Shells

The Internet can be a good resource for shell identification, but not all sources provide accurate information. The links below will take you to websites where you are most likely to find accurate information.

Florida Shells - The Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum's website is reliable and features two different ways to search for Southwest Florida shells. Click on the thumbnail photographs to see descriptions of

the shells and get additional information about them.