2014 Shell Show Photographs

March 6, 7, & 8, 2014

77th Annual Sanibel Shell Show

Getting Ready

Shims are a necessity when you are dealing with uneven tables.

Karen Turner helps lay out the exhibit placement.

Tom Risher and his wife Jeanne did a fantastic job

setting up the Scientific Division Exhibit Hall.

Congress Jewelers created a special pin to be awarded to the winner of the Anne Joffe Sanibel Superstar Award. Melissa Congress presented this pin to 2014 Shell Show Co-Chair Joyce Matthys that would be given to the award winner.

Judges' and Awards Reception

Scientific Judges Gary Schmelz, PhD and Harry Lee, MD

Artistic Judges Robin Harris, PhD and Richard Battman, PhD

"In the Belly of the Batfish" got lots of attention. It featured shells found in the bellies of these interesting creatures.

(L -R) Leroy Neitzel, Harold "Smokey" Payson and Jim Scatterday worked together on the exhibit.

It won the Scientific Division People's Choice Award.

Sheila Nugent - North Waterboro, Maine

Harry Berryman - North Port, FL

Rachel Fields - New York, NY

Best South Pacific Shell In Any Exhibit

Kris & Roger Woods - Wellington, New Zealand

Conchologists of America Award

Ron Bopp - Bradenton, FL

du Pont Trophy

Gene Everson - Louisville, KY

Donna Carey - Fort Myers, FL

Best Student Exhibit

Bethany Namour - Fort Myers, FL

Ken Matthys - Salem, OR

Theme Award

Bob and Alice Pace - Miami, FL

Anne Joffe Sanibel Superstar Award

Jim & Linda Brunner - Panama City, FL