76th Annual Sanibel Shell Show

March 7, 8, & 9, 2013

Joel, Stacy and Linda Edinburg greeted those attending the Judges and Awards Reception

The Judges' and Awards

Reception was held at

The Bailey-Matthews Shell

Museum Wednesday evening.

Anne Joffe presented long-time

Sanibel-Captiva Shell Club member

Evelyn Spencer with a Life-time

Achievement Award at the reception.

The Artistic Division exhibits

drew the attention of the Shell Show visitors. The question most often heard was, "How did they do that?"

The Scientific exhibits were inspected by

both novices and experts. The quality of the

exhibits this year was exceptional, and there

were more large exhibits than ever before.

The Scientific Division Exhibit Hall

was almost filled to capacity. Many

of the visitors had never attended

a Sanibel Shell Show before.

The "Authors' Table" hosted a number

of outstanding writers each day of the show.

They enjoy talking to visitors about their

books and autographing copies for them.

Linda Edinburg and her daughter Stacy

are responsible for finding answers to the

visitors' many questions. They also schedule

the Shell Show's many volunteers.

There are a number of volunteers,

vendors and exhibitors who spend the

entire day at the Shell Show. Diane

Zimmer is the person who makes sure

they have the opportunity to get a

snack or lunch without having to

leave the building. Food items are

donated by members, local businesses

and purchased by the club.

Each year well-known shell dealer Donald Dan

raises funds for the Shell Club by purchasing

shells and shell-related items for the club. He

sells them during the Shell Show to help

raise funds that are used by the club's Grants


The Authors' Table

The sale of "gently wore" jewelry was

fast and furious, raising additional funds

for the Grants Program.

T-shirts are always popular with

Shell Festival visitors.

Tom Risher, Scientific Chair for the 2014 Show

takes a break at the information table manned by

Stacy Edinburg, Volunteer Coordinator.

2013 Shell Show Scientific Special Award Winners

Conchologists of America Award

Howard Sexauer Award

Shell of the Show, self-collected

Charlotte Thorp, Jacksonville Beach, Florida

won the following awards:

Linda Shockley

Marco Island, Florida

du Pont Trophy

Thomas Grace

Alburtis, Pennsylvania

Anne Joffe Sanibel Superstar Trophy

Best Sanibel-Captiva Shells, self-collected

Best Florida-Caribbean Shells, any source

Shell of the Show, any source

Both Special Judge's Ribbons

Robert & Alice Pace, Miami, Florida,

won the following awards:

Best Shell of the Show, Fossil

Single shell, Florida-Caribbean - self-collected, 2nd place

Single shell, unusual variant, 3rd place

Single shell, worldwide - self-collected, 1st place

Single shell, worldwide - any source, 2nd place

Multiple shells, Florida-Caribbean - self-collected, 2nd place

Irene Longley, St. James City, Florida

won the following awards:

Ken & Joyce Matthys

Salem, Oregon

Best of the Blues

Amy and Bill also won:

Multiple Shells- Unusual Variants, 1st place

Theme Award: Color Your World with Shells

Amy & Bill Tripp

Marco Island, Florida

Anna Fastenau, Fort Myers

Artistic Division People's Choice Award

Scientific Division People's Choice Award

Not pictured

Harry Berryman, North Port

Sanibel-Captiva Shell Club Ribbon Winners

Professional Multimedia, 2nd place

Theme Award: "Color Your World with Shells," 3rd place

Charles Barr, Boca Grande

Multiple Shells, Unusual Variants - Any source

2nd Place

Diane Zimmer, Sanibel Island

Multiple Shells, Educational - Any source

1st Place

Sheila Nugent, Waterboro, Maine

Single Shell - Florida-Caribbean - Self-collected, 3rd place

Single Shell - Worldwide - Any source, 1st place

Single Shell - Unusual Variants, 2nd place

Single Specimen - Sea Life, 1st place

Multiple Specimens - Special, 2nd place

Evelyn Spencer, Sanibel Island

Multiple shells, Florida-Caribbean - Any source

2nd place

Hal Pilcher, Fort Myers

Multiple fossils (shells and/or other sea life) - Any source, 1st Place

Single fossil - Any source, 2nd Place

Multiple shells, one genus - Any source, 2nd Place

Multiple shells, Educational - Any source, 1st Place

Multiple specimens, Sea life other than shells, 1st Place

Ron & Mary Jo Bopp, Bradenton

Hobbyist, Miniature Flower Arrangement

1st Place

Gertrude A. Ford Award

Leslie Anding, Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania

Professional, Shell Related Needlecraft

1st Place

Nancy Goes, Denver, Colorado

Hobbyist, Miniature Flower Arrangement

2nd Place

Tyler Schoenherr, Pontiac, Illinois

Hobbyist, Flower Arrangement - Sea life,

With or Without shells, 1st Place

Single Stem of Flowers - Shells and/or

Other Sea Life, 2nd Place

Vicki Ross, Sanibel Island

Click here to see List of Award Winners

Anne Joffe, Sanibel, left on a trip

before her photograph could be

taken at the show. She won 2nd place

in the class Collectibles - Antiques, fine art,

unusual artifacts, incorporating shells or

shell motifs.