List of Special Award Winners

Special Awards Report - 2013 Sanibel Shell Show                            

        Scientific Division

                    du Pont Trophy (most outstanding entry in the show, Classes 1 - 27): 

                             Linda Shockley, Marco Island, FL

                    Conchologists of America Award (entry that best furthers interest in shells & shell collecting): 

                             Charlotte Thorpe, Jacksonville Beach, FL

                    Best Sanibel-Captiva Shells, self-collected: Robert  & Alice Pace, Miami, FL

                    Best Florida-Caribbean Shells, any source: Robert & Alice Pace, Miami, FL

                    Howard Sexauer Award: Charlotte Thorpe, Jacksonville Beach, FL

                    Shell of the Show, self-collected: Charlotte Thorpe, Jacksonville Beach, FL

                    Shell of the Show, any source: Robert & Alice Pace, Miami, FL

                    Best Shell of the Show, Fossil: Irene Longley, St. James City, FL

                    Best of the Blues: Ken & Joyce Matthys, Salem, OR

                    Anne Joffe Superstar Trophy: Thomas Grace, Alburtis, PA

                    Theme Award “Color Your World With Shells": Bill & Amy Tripp, Marco Island, FL

                    Both Special Judge's Ribbons were won by Robert & Alice Pace, Miami, FL

                    Judges' Merit Ribbon: Clare Horner, Pittsburg, PA

                    People's Choice Award: Harry Berryman, North Port, FL

  1. Artistic Division

     Myrtle Williams Weinstein Award (best shell flower exhibit in Classes 40-43): Barbara Malbouef
    1. Gertrude A. Ford Award (best miniature flower arrangement in Class 44): Leslie Anding

    2. Best Picture or Mosaic - Hobbyist (best entry in Classes 45, 57 & 58): Jan Harper

    1. Wanda Will Award (best jewelry in Class 48): Donna Carey

    2. Dorothy K. Putnam Award (best mirror in Class 59): Donna Smith

    3. Best Single Sailor's Valentine - Hobbyist: Joy Henderson

    4. Best Miniature Sailor's Valentine - Hobbyist: Peter Gabel

      Bettie K. McGowan Award (best Holiday exhibit): Donna Carey 

      Best Shell Related Exhibit - Hobbyist (best exhibit in Classes 49 & 61): Scott & Melva Wilzbach

    Best in Show - Hobbyist (best hobbyist exhibit in Classes 40-66): Joy Henderson
    1. Best Single Sailor's Valentine - Professional: Judy Dinnick

    2. Best Double Sailor's Valentine - Professional: David Rhyne

    3. Best Miniature Sailor's Valentine - Professional: Alla Baksanskaya

    4. Best Medium Sailor's Valentine - Professional: Judy Dinnick

    5. Best Flower Exhibit - Professional: Karen Robertson & Frieda Jenkins

    1. Meta Neujahr Award - Professional (best exhibit in Class 79): Cheryl Whitten

    2. Best Picture or Mosaic - Professional (best exhibit in Classes 80, 90 & 91): Karine Almir

    3. Best Miscellaneous Exhibit - Professional (best exhibit in Class 89): Judy Mackey

    4. Captain Tom Clifford Award - Professional (best exhibit in Classes 70-94): David Rhyne

    Judge's Special Ribbon (one ribbon by each artistic judge to any artistic exhibit): Judy Mackey
    1. Judge's Special Ribbon (one ribbon by each artistic judge to any artistic exhibit): Sally Arbib

    2. Judges' Merit Ribbon (awarded to a non-blue ribbon exhibit that the judges felt was noteworthy of recognition):

       Sharlene Tessler
    3. People's Choice Award: Anna Fastenau

    4. Special Theme Award: "Color Your World With Shells": Constance Marshall Miller

      Click here to see Photographs taken at the show.

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