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Meet the Executive Director

Charles Henderson is the Founder & Executive Director of  The Rescue Society & Charles Henderson Animal Rescue.  Additionally, I am a trained former military special operations and combat search and rescue specialist who specialized as a K9 multipurpose(MPC) trainer and handler. I'm currently a certified professional dog trainer(CPDT-KA).  Additionally, I'm currently preparing for my master's degree as a certified behavior consultant canine(CBCC-KA).
Prior to opening my own animal rescue shelter, I was the former Director of Operations at Sean Casey Animal Rescue where I was directly responsible for the entire operation including kennel management and staffing, medical and behavioral, advertising, marketing, fund raisers, on-site and off-site adoption events, developing and maintaining relationships with key players in the market, as well as directly responsible for the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of over 5000 dogs and 2000 cats over the past 5 years with less than a 2% return rate. 


Additionally, I singlehandedly served as the only behaviorist and dog trainer responsible for rehabilitating all the dogs that had behavioral challenges at the animal rescue.  I had a case load of 1000's of dogs and have dealt extensively with every behaviorial problem and issue in the book.   I have been lauded as the dog whisperer of the east coast, but I prefer to be considered the fixer, as I usually come in after several other dog trainers have been unsuccessful and fix the problem in short order…99% of the time I am 100% successful at training, retraining & fixing dogs.
I have 9 dogs and 2 cats of my own.  Recently my Bullmastiff, Archon and my French mastiff, Philo, died from cancer.  They were both amazing dogs.  Archon was an amazing therapy dog.  Currently, I live with an English mastiff/Great Dane mix, a Neapolitan mastiff, a French mastiff/Dogue de Bordeaux,  a Bullmastiff, 2 Italian mastiffs/Cane Corsos,  a Great Dane/Pitbull mix, an Akita and a Giant Schnauzer as well as a badass Siamese cat that is really a dog and a calico tortie cat that is straight off the streets of Brownsville/East New York.  The cats and dogs live in total harmony sharing crates and kennels, water and food, love and licks. 
It’s the Garden of Eden at my house. 4 of my dogs are trained & registered therapy dogs with DELTA Society;
2 are executive protection
 dogs; and 1 is a former FEMA-certified urban search and rescue dog.  The other 2, a crippled CaneCorso who can't use her back legs very good but gets along just fine and lives like a queen and my latest rescue and newest baby. Adonai a Neapolitan mastiff was badly beaten and left tied to the front gate at AC& C in Brooklyn a few months ago but he has quickly moved on and will be attending college and certifying as a therapy dog real soon.